Vermont Becomes First State to Pass GMO Labeling Laws

Editor’s Note: I love this news! But, be prepared for a counter-attack by Big Biotech….

Help me celebrate two of Vermont’s heroes who were instrumental in passing the USA’s first unrestricted mandatory labeling bill for GMOs. Senator David Zuckerman and Representative Carolyn Partridge describe the amazing efforts, which spanned more than a decade, resulting in this unprecedented, game-changing new law. They also describe what you can do to help their state with the expected legal challenge by big biotech and/or the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Here are the quick facts:

  1. Starting July 1, 2016, products sold in Vermont that contain more than 0.9% GMO content contamination will require a statement on the label indicating that genetic engineering was used.
  2. Products that contain GMOs and are labeled can NOT also label their products as “natural.”
  3. The bill does not apply to labels for milk, eggs, and meat from animals fed GMOs.
  4. Unlike the bills passed in Connecticut and Maine, Vermont’s bill does not require other states to pass similar legislation before it is enacted.
  5. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed the bill into law on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.


  1. Good news, perhaps(?), BUT hardly unrestricted?? I read restricted many times… >0.9%, not milk, not eggs, not meat – then what about products made from these products – they could easily go way over the 0.9% BUT not be labelled so? So many products made with milk and/or eggs..

    I am not closely familiar with what the real difficulty in labeling things actually is (besides extra cost(?)), but it seems to me that the less compromise there is (as in all the allowed contamination), the better chance we have of stopping GMO development full-stop. And I believe this is what must happen as soon as possible to prevent further pollution of nature’s genetics and as yet unknown consequences to the natural world. Waiting until 2016 is also disappointing.

  2. I agree with Dylan’s comments. Furthermore, my understanding is that, once infected by GMO, disinfection from GMO, cannot occur. So even .09 % implies GMO creep in everything and everyone.
    I cite the case of a farmer in Saskatchewan , Canada and his plight with Monsanto regarding the contamination of his crops. He planted no GMO yet pollen from neighbouring farms came on the winds etc and contaminated his farm. Everyone should be aware of his story.

  3. This is my big concern. Cross pollination through the wind makes it almost impossible to have non-GMO corn. I would assume the same problem with rice.

    This legislation needs to be celebrated, though. Companies that use GMOs are going to have to think twice about using them. If we can get MORE states to pass this same legislation, it will really put pressure on the large corporations because the more we learn about GMO products, the more people are NOT going to want to use them. Even a simple 20% drop in business will make the guys take notice. We’re getting our voices back!

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