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From New York to Africa, Why Food is Saving the World (TEDx video)

Brian Halweil, publisher of "Edible Manhattan," discusses the problems with the global food system and the solutions he’s found cropping up everywhere.


  1. Awesome talk – got a lot of warm fuzzies, especially the nitrogen-fixing trees planted over food crops in Kenya – the desert SW USA should be doing the same thing! How much water, soil and money spent on fertilizers would we save? How much air and soil pollution would we reduce? It boggles the mind.

    I, too, have found that small projects are very inspirational, probably because they are so accessible and understandable. Which reminds me of why I love the World Permaculture Network (WPN) – these are people sharing their small projects all over the world and they are inspiring.

  2. Inspiring. Never heard the oyster idea before. I like it! Wonder if they can do that in San Diego too? I’d join

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