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Companion Planting: What companion planting is, why it is effective, and the reasoning behind it.

Companion planting is the useful method of inter-mingling numerous varieties of plants to increase growth and control pests. By using what a particular plant outputs and knowing its input needs, you can increase your overall yields without wasting your energy and resources.

Not only does wisely pairing plants improve their flavor; it also (more importantly) increases their production. In this book, you will find expert advice about companion planting that helps you to understand both how it works and its benefits. Popular and useful companion examples are provided to make your work easy and efficient. This book offers:

• What is companion planting? Effectiveness of Companion Planting

• Reasoning behind Companion Planting

• Getting Started with Companion Planting

• Beneficial Garden Creatures and Insects

• Tips and Tricks for Companion Planting

Download this companion planting book and learn how to control pests in your garden and improve the flavor of your yield while increasing the quantity of fruits and vegetables.


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