Permaculture Projects

    The Polyculture Project 2020 – Week 9

    Wow, that week went super fast. It’s been hot and still here the last week, threatening to rain but never…

    Permaculture and Peace – Part 3

    In part 1 of this article series we looked at the similarities between peace and permaculture as holistic practices which can…
    People Systems

    Part 2 – The Role of the Grandmothers

    In the first article in this Series we talked about wise woman ways, growing older, and the healthy maturation of…
    Permaculture Projects

    The Polyculture Project 2020 – Week 8

    It’s been lovely to have some decent rain last week, to soak the soils, fill up the water tanks, and…

    Ancient Gardens of East Asia

    When we think of gardens in Asia, particularly the Far East, it’s hard not to envision rice terraces. Terraces shape…
    People Systems

    Part 1 – Wise Woman Ways

    The “Grandmother Hypothesis,” or Grandmother Effect, is the idea that the presence of grandmothers helping in the care of their…
    Permaculture Projects

    The Polyculture Project – Week 7 2020

    It’s been a busy week here at the project and we are delighted to have started our very first Regenerative…

    How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Certified Wildlife Habitat

    Climate change continues to alter the planet and make it less suitable for sustaining life. Animals have felt this effect…
    Health & Disease

    Dominant Healthcare vs Marginalised Alternatives

    In our culture, control and separation are given more importance than compassion and relationship. To illustrate what I mean, here’s…
    Permaculture Projects

    The Polyculture Project – Week 6 2020

    It’s been a beautiful week here in Shipka, lovely weather and bright blue skies. We’ve been busy in the gardens,…


    Permaculture Re-Generation And Re-Wilding

    23rd – 27th of November 2020
    at Zaytuna Farm
    From $ 1100


    Herbs For Health Vitality And Longevity

    19th of December 2020
    at Zaytuna Farm
    From $ 360



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