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The Permaculture Research Institute publishes articles from a number of sources and we love finding new and exciting contributors for our growing community. These contributors are usually people interested in sustainable solutions to life’s problems. If you think this is you then we’d like to hear from you.

If you would like to contribute an article, please refer to the guidelines below:

Types of articles

  • Those that inspire others to imitate/emulate your example.
  • Those that educate people in the ‘how’ of it; the practical DIY article with step-by-step instructions.
  • Articles relating to sustainable living: these would be informative articles.
  • Fun and helpful articles with transformational tips.
  • Recipes from produce out of your garden.
  • Reports from individuals, families, project workers and project leaders everywhere.
  • While we seek inspirational material, and also material that exposes the follies of our current system.

Whatever it is – whether on a small scale individual level, or a larger community or regional project – don’t let this valuable knowledge, opinion and precious experience sit in the dark. Spreading practical knowledge and inspirational examples through this site is one way to help fast-track permaculture uptake worldwide.

Original Content

Articles should be original and unique to The Permaculture Research Institute.

Word Count

We prefer articles to have a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 1000 words. If your article goes over 1000 words, it might be best to break it up.

Author Promotion

We support all of our contributing authors with Author Profiles, which contain a short bio with their website and social media platforms. We do ask for contributing authors provide a brief description of themselves for this purpose.


If you refer to statistics or research, please include reference links to your sources.


Photographs are great and we love it when contributing authors include a selection of photos. We prefer pictures to be a large as possible, including pixel size and resolution. Please be aware that photos should be a minimum of 690 pixels wide and 300 pixels tall.


Article/Advert arrangement

We often get requests from people wanting us to promote their course/s and we’re happy to facilitate. How it works is that the reason we generate a lot of traffic is because we have a lot of good content for people to read/watch, which ensures they keep coming back. This means that when people list courses, there are a lot of eyeballs to look at the course advert. We've had excellent results so far from this arrangement with people interested to advertise their PDC and other permaculture courses on our site. So, in exchange for a separate non-promotional educational article, we've put their course adverts up on our main page at no charge.

In order for this pay-for-articles system to work, we need readers to see this site as an information hub that they want to keep returning to. This is also in the interests of all who run course adverts on our site, wherever they are in the world.

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