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Alessandra Orofino: It’s Our City. Let’s Fix It.

Too often, people feel checked out of politics — even at the level of their own city. But urban activist Alessandra Orofino thinks that can change, using a mix of tech and old-fashioned human connection. Sharing examples from her hometown of Rio, she says: "It is up to us to decide whether we want schools or parking lots, recycling projects or construction sites, cars or buses, loneliness or solidarity."

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  1. HI I live in California in the US and I have aware of this lack of democratic participation by its citizens for some time. There is many different reasons for this including the relentless assualts of negative campaign advertising, misinformation, racial and cultutral obsticles and mass distraction tactics used by all forms of media.
    One idea that I had that I think would boost more participation of our citizens is to vote where our money gets allocated. So for example after our taxes are done and we know how much we owe we then proceed to pick in 1% incraments where our tax money is going to go. So we have the choice to support war or social services or street repairs, etc…. This along with voting in some 3rd party candidates would help break the manotamy of 2 party corporate wellfare and give all these disinfranchised voters a voice.

  2. If None of the above was an option, voter turn out might be higher. People are participating in the system when they don’t vote. They’re saying that none of the candidates are acceptable to them. People are smart. They know that they have the best government that money can buy. When corporations are granted First Amendment rights, they know exactly how the democratic system works – money talks.

  3. If voting ever changed anything it would be outlawed. The answer lies within the individual who once awake seeks individual and collective solutions based on shared and individual responsibility.
    This is the truth the governments and their followers have to hide to keep themselves relevant at least until retirement arrives.

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