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Pia Mancini: How to Upgrade Democracy for the Internet Era

Pia Mancini and her colleagues want to upgrade democracy in Argentina and beyond. Through their open-source mobile platform they want to bring citizens inside the legislative process, and run candidates who will listen to what they say.


  1. My biggest beef with this idea is that some people simply shouldn’t have a say in some decisions due of their ignorance on the topic. I’d only want economists to partake in a decision when the topic concerns the economy, for example.

    1. I suppose a test could assess someone’s knowledge on the topic. If the person scores well enough, he/she would then be allowed to partake in the decision.

  2. I like the test idea, but then who decides the test content, who grades the test, etc. The governing body is always the problem: power & wealth. Perhaps this idea could work, if the governers were willing to abdicate their power back to the people, and in doing so, actually represent them.

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