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Want to Help Create an Ecovillage? (Victoria, Australia)

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. — Buckminster Fuller

A week or so ago I received the most exciting email ever. It was from a reader of the Simplicity Collective who had just finished reading my book, Entropia. Inspired by the vision, he told me that he wanted to help develop an ecovillage, outside of Melbourne, Australia, based on the ideas outlined in the book. Not only that, he said that he had 20 acres of land on which to build it, and $100,000 to get things started. I fell off my chair.

He said he just needed help turning the vision into a reality. Naturally, after getting up off the floor, I accepted the challenge, and now we’ve decided to open the invitation up to anyone who is interested in being a part of this hugely exciting project. So, do you want to help design an ecovillage? Do you want to live in an ecovillage? Keep reading. Anything is possible.

The property, which I visited last weekend, is about an hour and half from Melbourne city centre, just past Moe, which has good rainfall for Victoria and is along an active train line. As noted, the property is 20 acres, about half of which is treed, and there is a three bedroom house, a significant shed, and a large dam. That’s the essentially blank canvas we have to play with. Planning regulations seem flexible and open to more dwellings. Now we are aiming to form a working group to discuss how best to spend the $100,000 with the aim of creating an ecological work of art.

Although the vision remains very open, some initial possibilities include:

  • Getting solar for the property
  • Expanding water storage
  • Creating a large organic farm / orchard / permaculture food forest
  • Establishing alternative dwellings (e.g. yurts, shipping container homes, caravans, dome houses, earthships, etc.)
  • Retrofitting the shed
  • Establishing a small community

The intention is to have alternative / unconventional dwellings as the centrepiece of this project. House prices in Melbourne are ridiculously high, locking people into decades of labour. We need to explore radically cheaper but sufficient alternatives. It will require a shift in thinking, but the reward will be freedom.

As well as these types of ideas, we’ve also talked about the possibility of using the property as a demonstration site, or a place to hold workshops or retreats. The basic vision, however, is to create a small community based on radical simplicity of living, renewable energy, and high self-sufficiency, in order to show that flourishing lives don’t have to cost the Earth. That is, we’re not interested in creating a sham ecovillage of million dollar eco-houses, affordable only to rich people. We’re interested in exploring ways to help create a truly sustainable and affordable alternative to the status quo, and that implies radical simplicity. What this means and what this ends up looking like, however, is up to us. It will also be important to engage, work with, and inspire the local community, of which this property forms a part.

Once we’ve got this first place set up, the dream is to facilitate the creation of other similar, larger projects. After all, the purpose of creating an ecovillage — at least, this ecovillage — is not to ‘escape’ the system, but to ultimately ‘transform’ it. These are early days, of course. I will address the prefigurative politics of ecovillages in another post.

Also, just in case there is someone wanting a ‘tree change’, two of the neighbouring properties are also for sale, so perhaps there is someone out there who wants to buy one or both of those properties? Thought I’d ask :) Be in touch if possibly interested.

There is much to think about, but if you’d like to be part of the working group, or even want to contribute ideas via email, please send me a note outlining your ideas, situation, background, and funding potential to: entropiaecovillage (at)

We’re planning to have an initial meeting sometime in the next few weeks to gauge interest. We’re impatient to get started. Exciting times.

Dream large dreams.

Samuel Alexander

Dr Samuel Alexander is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia, teaching a course called ‘Consumerism and the Growth Economy: Critical Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ as part of the Master of Environment.


  1. Congrats!

    I would say one thing. Design for $50,000. It will balloon and if it doesn’t you’ll be left with a nice surplus.

    Good luck.

  2. I have visited Currumbin Eco village Queensland (successful) and Sommerville in Perth (didn’t quite make it). highly recommend seeing Qld…Goodluck!

  3. Interested in the food and medicinals.
    Interested in learning any construction of hardware
    Would love to be a part of the process for the long term or for
    the experience on-line and if life circumstances permit, in person.

  4. I am interested in the whole idea of living and working plus designing ideas. I have been in the building and trades for 34yrs and have seen MANY different structures and have some ideas that are cost effective and neat some out of the box thinking too. problem with me is the $. So lets talk and see where it goes. You can reach me via e-mail if you are interested. And I will explain exactly my back ground and experience on buildings.
    thank you

  5. hi there
    please let me know if you are thinking to install solar in you project.
    i am electrical contractor with stand alone and grid connected photo-voltaic system designer and installation accreditation, more than happy to share my skill and experience with you.
    perma energy

  6. Hi everyone, thanks for the comments. As noted in the post, please send an email to entropiaecovillage (at) or I won’t be able to correspond with you easily. Thanks for the encouragement, there’s been a huge amount of interest.

  7. We are hoping to do something similar but not quite so far from Melbourne – closer to Warragul, where we have family. Having said that, we have not ruled out other options & we are interested in staying in touch on this project.
    Miriam & Adrian.

    1. Hello
      My partner and I are interested in being involved in an affordable community.
      We are happy to participate help and support and learn new skills also.
      I am interested to learn more about your project if you care to share.

  8. Very interested and maybe help with all round labour and some garden and aquaponic experience. Good luck and all the best.

  9. in fact I will bepassing by that way this weekend, would love to pop in say hi and have a look if you can contact me before then.

  10. I’ve just finished the PDC and live thirty minutes from Moe, I’m eager to develop my design portfolio to work professionally in the field. I’d be very interested in joining a work or discussion group

  11. Stoked, Grew up in Gippsland, Helped build and earthship in montana keen to get them landing in Australia. Yeah this is going o be Awesome

    1. S tregenza, I’m interested in earthships also, but heard they started at 150k here, is that right? And need a good council to approve them..

  12. I also grew up in Gippsland and would love to know where you are exactly. Tiny houses appeal to me and sheds and dams too.I know something about chooks, vege gardens, orchards, preserving, cows, weeds-the good and bad kind.
    I am limited by health and all that entails, so would need to go at my own pace and work in my own way.

    I guess I am saying I like the idea and would like to know more.

  13. There is definitely a ground swell for this to happen, have just had a meeting with a group closer to Melbourne that want to do the same. We don’t have land yet, and think planning will be our biggest hurdle. Looking at the bigger picture, we would love to share experiences/ideas with you as we move through this process at the same time. Our group is based in Nillumbik Shire in Melbourne’s North East. Most in our group have permaculture training or a good understanding of the principles and are interested in earthships, small affordable housing. Samuel Alexander can you contact me leaford (at)

  14. Hi there,
    I am super excited to see the development and enthusiasm building in Melbourne. I’m more than keen to get involved in brainstorming, building/labour and the gardening side of things, and have various friends who would be stoked to help out too. I was planning on buying land to start a project in northern NSW, it’s good to hear ideas coming together here in VIC. Let’s make this happen!! :D

  15. We are very excited about this! Let us know if we can contribute to discussions from the west of Australia before we even get over east. Cheers Ben & Cat

  16. Sarah, the Eco Village at Currumbin is not a success, it’s a disaster for most people who have bought there.

    It is a body corporate. The problems were caused mainly by the developer who failed to provide promised facilities, did not pay body corporate levies and bullied and manipulated owners and split the community. The developer was liquidated by the Tax Office leaving the an incomplete development.

    The developer controlled the building process, made unreasoable demands and used approval as a way of controlling people. Many people who bought land were unable to build as it was so difficult and expensive. Others had to get big mortgages. A carport could cost $50000.


  17. my 2 cents, You are not doing something new so I would have a good look at the failures and successes and try and learn some lessons the easy way. I hope it ends up being a great success!

  18. My husband and I have been looking for something like this to be involved in for a long time now. He has a lot of experience with event planning so would be a great help when it comes time for such things but as for the early stages we both have strong backs and work hard, we look forward to seeing how this progresses and would love to help.

  19. Hello,

    I’ve just stumbled across this and it sounds like it’s written by me ;)

    I’ve been working towards starting an ecovillage in Australia for sometime and more recently closer to Melbourne. I started my journey with an ecovillage tour of the UK and France and then developed an urban creative collective of 15 people in Brunswick. From this 15 there are now 4 of us who are ready to start the Farm collective side of the project.

    Our plan was to lease a small farm whilst raising money to purchase land collectively in the near future. We’re currently in the process of viewing and applying for small semi-rural farms. However! I think that maybe, we should join forces :D

    We’re all super motivated, fun, love hard work, challenges, building up new skills, sharing skills and living as a community.

    Let me know if you’d like to meet up. Would love to chat more.

    Piles of smiles,
    Kate Marsh

    1. Hi Kate,
      Are you interested in joining forces with others from geelong to buy some land near geelong or ballarat?
      Perhaps contact me through the geelong permaculture group or my email.

  20. G’day. Happy to be a part of the project and help in any way I can. Perhaps even join the community. Started my first community more than 20 years ago in SE Qld, been working on recreating something larger and more sustainable ever since. As part of the ongoing community building process I have set up and run several organic food co-ops, as sustainability has to reach all areas of our lives and food is an easy start.
    As an alternative to “ownership”, which brings a lot of issues into play, you might check out SASHTA in Byron Bay, an organisation I’m heavily involved with. We are looking down the path of group ownership which rents to members. Saves a lot of hassles with the “buy in, buy out” problems which plague communities.
    We are living at Fish Creek in Sth Gippsland, and my wife is the senior teacher at a new alternative school in Koonwarra, so Moe is close enough for us to come for weekends but too far to commute at this stage.
    We also have 70 acres at Mt Napier near Hamilton in Vic. We have an ad on the IC site as Earth First! Australia looking for others to be involved. I’m reluctant to sell the land, rather see it used by people to live as long as we can cover costs.
    Look forward to hearing from others.
    peter maclean

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for telling me about this site. Everyone’s enthusiasm and appetite to create something new is exciting. Looking forward to hearing about the next steps

    2. Hello Peter, am very interested in your comment about group ownership and buyin buyout problems. Is there a website you can put me onto that would give me more info on this please, and maybe a website dealing with council and multiple dwellings. Any help would be appreciated. Im in south east qld and land prices are crazy, so i was wanting to facilitate groups of people onto acreages to share the expense of land ownership. I have come across so many people who have no hope of owning their own place otherwise. Thanks Rgds Marlene

    3. Peter, were you part of the food co-op at HIRL in Hamilton a few years ago? Do you know if there is a food co-op in Hamilton now?

      1. Evie, no co-op at Hamilton at this stage. I’m actually heading back over tomorrow to do some work on our Buckleys Swamp project. If I can ever get that project up and running then the co-op will start up again.

    4. Dear Peter.
      We have not met, but have followed the prmaculture literature as I toiled in the failing paradigm of industrial agriculture.
      To clarify my understanding ; on retiring from it 25years ago I engaged in a masters of social ecology. I now understand more fully the cultural and institutional self reinforcing cycles of error that are driving the destruction of the human ecosystem.

      However despite the many dire and perhaps probable prognosis, we see no alternative, but ot live and act in hope, showing a more ecologicall sound human existence is possible. We are particularly taken with the work of Mark Shepherd and the RIRDIC 2011 report on the design of Perennial, Production Polyculture, the UN’s FAO 2013 report “Wakeup before its too late”.

      Consequently in perhaps the last productive phases of our life my wife and I wish to be part of building an self sufficient ecologically sustainable community. Karen sends her regards.

      After studying many in formation, we have yet to find one (that we can confidently join), that has:
      1) a practical and risk free legal structure
      2) a clear legally binding commitment to permaculture design principles and
      3) a critical mass of members that understand the significance of the necessity for Permaculture design.
      4)A staged, considered and legally secure transfer of control from founders to community.

      Bearing in mind us, like many, would be commiting a significant portion of our life savings and the best years of our life to it.

      Two questions?
      1.Do you know of any such communities, in formation, in the Border Ranges biome that would be prospective?
      2.If not, could you forward this query to any people in your personal network that may know?

      Yours faithfully.
      Duncan Mills

  21. Hi .. this sounds great .. l have often thought about doing something the same on 103 acres l have in Gippsland l guess the concern or holdback would be dealing with the council , anyway l hope it works for you and l would love to see it .. i do some building of low cost housing for families living on landfill in Cambodia . l be more than happy to take part in helping or offering some ideas to your project .


    1. Jason, do u know any highly insulated buildings? There’s thin material or polystyrene blocks I think just as imsulatable as straw bales or midbrocks I think. Would like any info on the different materials and cost n labpir involved. I think earth is getting warmer siers here in melb now so insulation important.

  22. sounds fantastic! I would definitely be interested in experimenting with this idea…though 4 factors would HAVE to be covered. 1. filtered rainwater for drinking. 2. orgainic produce. 3. community support systems in place 4. a basic level of comfort and ease must be maintained

  23. We are actively looking to be part of a community such and would be very interested in participating in some way in its establishment. We are reasonably well funded and have building, engineering, permaculture and organisational skills along with experience in local government. Would love to hear from you.

    1. Hi Julie, I can’t contact you directly through this forum (and that goes for others who have asked me to contact them). There is an email address listed in the post (and below) which interested folks should write to if they want to communicate directly.

  24. Hi, I’d like to be a part of this. I’m an aircraft maintenance engineer by trade so I could probably help out with the building and electricity. I wouldn’t mind planting either. Whatever needs to be done as long as it doesn’t involve killing animals. A friend of mine would also be interested, we are both vegetarian and need a place to stay but don’t expect a free ride…

    1. If you are ever looking to do something in south east Qld let me know as I am working on getting a couple of land collectives going there, along the lines of Crystal Waters, where each has their own plot to do their own thing and the rest is community land/land for wildlife.

      1. I like this idea sounds great to me. I own my own house but want to get out of melbourne and do something like what u mentioned i amvegetarian and only buy organic.

  25. I am an urban planning graduate who has realised that the existing institutions of governance are unwilling and unable to adapt to drive a sustainable future and a bottom up approach is needed. I am keen to help fight against the barriers this project will encounter in relation to planning laws. I am also passionate about alternative building methods and am looking to gain experience in this field. Very keen to get involved and I am based in Berwick, only an hour from Moe.

    1. Jack, do you know of any areas in Victoria (or, for that matter, Australia) where they are already open to the idea of flexible building permits, like what would be needed for an owner builder to build an earthship? My email is [email protected], get in touch if you can help in any way.

      Thanks, Naomi.

    2. Jack please contact us’ we are working on a solution for persons wishing to have an affordable lifestyle and build a small home in country victoria.

  26. Hi Jack, great to hear from you. Please send an email to the address noted in the post (this goes for all others interested too)

    1. Hi Samuel. I have just stumbled across this post and would be very interested in getting involved if you are still looking for people? Thanks, kate

    1. Hi Nobody has responded to this post. Maybe blinked and ignored it. I am a member of a trading co-op 15 years now. This structure protects the interests of the share holders. As your develop and the value of the property increases say based on the council Civ the individual share holders can sell out if they want to move on. New share purchasers to be approved by the Board under the rules of the department of justice as set down for trading Co-ops. Think about it. Derek

      1. Hi Derek’ I would like to learn more about how the persons may move on and no have lost money, great to hear that property can be sold on to others. And how Justice Dept feels about this.

  27. Hi,
    I own a third of an acre 10 mins from Moe tho renting it out for now.
    I have been considering working for rent and food in an eco village to learn how they work. I am super keen to learn building maintenance etc and permaculture given the peak oil, financial crash situation.
    Has this idea progressed from when this was written.
    I would like to learn all I can about this by being hands on and maybe even bringing it to other places.

  28. Would love to help out with the construction, general labour and garden process. I have little experience, did a straw bale construction course, but I really think it would be a great opportunity to gain hands on experience and learn at the same time. I`m very very interested in eco living, permaculture, alternative dwellings and solar energy….and anything else related!
    Let me know when the project is going to start as I`d really, really love to be part of it!!

  29. Would it be good to have a proper forum to be able to discuss this with each other, rather than just in a comments section?

    I have been looking for something like this for a long time but have reservations about whether this is the best location. What do other people think? If we are serious it would be good to make an informed choice about location. We could buy land somewhere else if preferable. I think transport and planning restrictions are big factors as is climate and security. To me the place to start a discussion about starting such a project is ‘where should it be?’

  30. My husband and I are looking for exactly this, we want to build an earthship and grow food. My husband is an engineer and teaches year 12 physics, science and maths. He is very handy with designing and building. We would be very interested in helping out.

  31. I am very interested in this project. I have been working on multiple conceptual community design blueprints. We have been practically testing theories on a 1/4 acre micro homestead pilot. We have had tremendous success with our first implemented section in zone 1 which was a raised bed garden, grew over 3800lbs of food on minimal square-footage. These blueprints are made up of subdivided acreage where each community member has their personal homestead/ garden farm which is adjacent to a community food Forrest. There is personal ownership/stewardship yet communal greenhouse, well, barn, community center, workshop, medical station, etc.
    The community blueprints begin w/ a 2Acre model. Can you contact me w/ more information?

  32. Imagine:
    Next time you purchase a pizza/pie, consider it a possible community blueprint IoI. Each pie piece represents a community members subdivided acreage. On their personal pie piece they are able to grow the majority of their needs and operate a trade that compliments the other communal trades. Multiple trades are needed in a holistic tribal community. The cyclical design aids in practical grazing and crop rotations.

    At the core of the pie/pizza you have the “Seed” communal/corporate monolithic work/trade domes.

    The “Seed” and adjacent 7 layer micro garden farm section would be the first thing built. This would house the “forerunner” community members.

    The seed is made up of 13 monolithic domes:

    7 work/trade domes:

    1) Green House Dome
    2) Water Dome ( well/spring source/bottling dome)
    3) Livestock Dome
    4) Energy/Power Dome
    5) Workshop Dome
    6) Medical Dome
    7) Community Center Dome

    6 dome-a-tories:

    On the outside of these Work Trade Domes you have 6 Intern/Apprentice Domes.

    The core is surrounded by a micro garden farm with 7 layers and divided into 6 rotational sections.
    The apprentices steward the “micro” section while learning multiple tribal trades.

    The “macro” section is where the original land trustees’ homestead garden farms are. The community members that own these homesteads are the tradesmen (teachers) that train the intern/apprentices in multiple sustainable skill sets.

    The above brief description is for a circle/cyclical design yet I am currently working on an urban squared/linear design w/ similar concept.

    The current squared design is made up of 6 micro homesteads w/ tiny sip panel homes/ and or shipping container homes. Each completed homestead w/ garden-farm costs roughly $ 30,000 us and can house and feed 1-4 people comfortably.

    Looking forward to chat more.

    1. Hi Santi – this sounds really great! Would love to hear more about it as it progresses. I’m looking for a community like this. Your model sounds great, and it’s affordable for me. Do you have a website or something?
      Very interesting! :)

  33. I am very interested. I am a psychologist by profession and recently completed an LLB. I am doing the next steps to being admitted as a lawyer. If nothing else I have grit. I also have a self managed superfund and have been wonedring if there is a way to use those in an eco village model? My smsf owns a property in Tasmania, but that could be sold and invested here. Maybe others with super could consider setting up an smsf. Failing that I am sure I could contribute financially and with person hours in one form or another.
    Anne Marie

  34. This sounds really great. I would really be interested in becoming a part of this community. I’m in NSW now.

  35. Hi,
    this ecovillage concept is something I have been thinking about for a long while. I am a carpenter and registered builder in Melbourne and have run my own small business for many years. I have been visualising myself and my wife living and working on something like this for a while. Like Rowan, I too have my reservations about the Moe Area. I have been thinking somewhere near Geelong, and not so far from the coast. Geelong is an area hard hit economically recently and I believe land may be affordable in a year or so when the property bubble bursts, which I think is inevitable, after 23 years without a recession. I would like to know how your plans are going and would appreciate any info on the concept.


    Carl Hall

  36. Hey Sam,
    THERE IS NO EMAIL ADDRESS NOTED AT THE END OF THE POST, or one that I can see anyway!!!
    Carl Hall

  37. Hello, congratulations for your project, I wanted to let you know that building with soil, dirt , earth is your best option, like Adobe blocks of soil or modern adobe CEB, compacted earth block, there is also the technique of Super Adobe , this material breaths so needs to be palstered with natural materials, you are invited to the Americas and between a team we have of Mexicans and americans we can teach the technique which is simple.
    Write me back please. I love Australia I studied there ; )

  38. HI
    Good luck with ur venture. Like many, I have been interested in alternative living programs & communities ,including the Venus Project , upon the realization that many of the problems & dilemmas facing our modern world are connected to our socio-political economic systems . I have since been very keen to explore & be involved in alternative living & eco communities. As I believe that we can learn from others successes …& failures rather than try to reinvent the wheel, am considering maybe wiser therefore to initially participate in an eco -community that is fully established & operating successfully on a trial basis tor the opportunity to gain insight, knowledge & skills to ultimately decide to take a leap of faith to either become a full time committed member of the above, establish my own as you are doing or commit to an emerging eco community like your own.
    The trial will allow me to observe & experience the personal & collective challenges that may arise, & how to address major key issues relating to the overall development, & implementation,of your vision & mission, including basic practicalities in the areas of finance, management,administration, legalities, infrastructure & team building which apply to most organizations. In the meantime I would be more than happy to help out if you need my support possibly in the areas of finance & administration among other things. Keep me posted on your progress.
    Luna Energy Consultant

  39. This looks great. Has anyone started living on the ecovillage yet? What are your plans? I have been interested in ecovillage ideas for a while and want to help reinvent the system. Is it possible to visit the site other than during the upcoming workshop? Tabitha

  40. Hi all, I know this article is a little old now, although I’m curious to know how its going. Any Progress? Any other projects like it, around the Melbourne area?? Id be super interested to know, and perhaps become involved in this, or work on other ideas in this area:)

  41. Hi, I too am wondering how things are progressing. I’m so dissatisfied with city life and searching for alternatives. It would be great to hear back!

    1. there is also an unofficial group looking for others who want to help buy some land near geelong or winchelsea or moriac or colac or ballarat to create a permaculture ecovillage with cob houses or strawbale, and orchards and vegies and berries and fish. Visit the geelong permaculture group on facebook, and become involved in our discussion if you wish…… [email protected]

  42. Hi Samuel,
    I moved to 5 acres in south gippsland 8 years ago to try to live off the land and it’s been great but as I am a bit remote we are looking to move. I have just become aware of what you’re doing there which is great and was wondering if you know if the properties are still for sale beside yours. As we have cats, dogs, a few sheep and alpacas we need a few acres and preferably a house. Cheers

  43. Hi Linda, as far as I’m aware the properties are still for sale. Email me at entropiaecovillage (at) and I’ll provide more info. cheers Sam

  44. Hello,
    I have read a post somewhere about a documentary being made on this property and an invitation to live there and help build an ecovillage, but now i can’t find the post! I wanted to pass it on to someone….

  45. I would love to join something like this ; have rented years and been o my own; would love to join and work for rent & food; willing to pitch in with all domestic stuff and gardening and animal husbandry… if this is possible please contact me thanyou

    1. Hi Jennifer, I am writing to a few people who expressed interest in being involved with an eco village. I am trying to find a few compatable people to co habitate on my 5 acres in a valley high in the Strezlecki ranges, in South Gippsland. I have been here 8 years and set up animals and gardens. It’s beautiful and bountiful. There is an old caravan for temporary shelter while building. I would like to talk about the rest…if you are still looking, my email is [email protected]

      1. I am looking to spend my free time wisely on a permaculture project. I am currently in South America and have been volunteering at various permaculture farms. I won’t have a job when I return to Melbourne so will be available to help if you need. The catch is though that I won’t have any money left after this trip so meals and accommodation will be a problem.
        Let me know if you have a place for me :)
        Ps i return end of Feb

      2. Hi linda My names Daniel im 26 I have a partner and 3 beautiful girls we have been looking for somewhere to build and live off the land im very hands on would love to work something out my email is [email protected]

      3. Could be interested Linda – have my farm on French Island up for sale and just started looking in Gippsland/Bass Coast area for 5 acres for permaculture living/glamping style tent maybe.

  46. Hi Sam, I don’t know what went wrong but I never got a reply to my last 2 emails sent weeks ago to the other email address, as requested. I have my own property nearby, which I no longer wish to sell. But I could still be a resource for medicinal knowledge, useful crafts and cheese making which I would like to teach to others, perhaps in workshops, but not actually live there or be a part of your documentary.

  47. Very keen to be involved in an eco illage near to Geelong, Vic (where my family live) or near Fremantle, WA if anyone can offer me the opportunity I would love to hear from you. I am doing an online permaculture course now and gaining some experience through volunteer projects in Colombia. I have volunteered in a could of eco villages and believe that is the lifestyle for me. I am vegetarian, hard-working, creative, and keen to start living in a community ASAP.

  48. Hi guys

    Really interesting stuff here, it’s great to know there are people out there realising we need to change our ways and doing something about it! Any chance for a visit/tour around? I’m currently studying at university and am very interested in sustainable living and would love to see some of the initiatives and challenges involved in creating an eco-village which would add some real basis to my own research in eco-villages.


  49. Anyone from north QLD or wanting to move to tropical climates? We have 67ha of rainforest with about 30acres cleared land, creeks and waterfalls in the Whitsundays between Proserpine and Airlie Beach. We are planning an eco community (permaculture, natural building, organic, off the grid) and invite expressions of interest in this opportunity. We are ready for group processes to move forward. If this sounds like you contact us on brandycreekplateau at

  50. I had been reading and planning ideas on how to get self sufficient, off grid, clean and free living some time ago now. I have since been saving but as all of you in the same position as myself know it takes money to start. Hard for an individual to do on his own but with a group of individuals the money, the resources, the teamwork all comes together to make a community; a common-unity is achievable. If anyone is looking to start an ecovillage or similar concept and looking for a handy man in his early 20s that is a bricklayer by trade with experience in house framing please email me on [email protected]
    I am a kind, caring, polite, outgoing young man that often puts others before myself and looking to be the change I want to see in the world.

  51. Furthermore to the discussions, there r heaps of alternative dwellings I have come across (mainly in NZ, we gotta get our acts together)!, starting off with this amazing castle truck for a small family, parked amongst tents, could be an ecovillage?
    Search YouTube: unbelievable house truck transforms into fantasy castle
    If anyone’s still interested and we can come together over a meal or at someones house, maybe we can share our ideas on a suitable place to get something happening where we can build our own dwellings and come up with a set of agreeable rules for the land, to live in peace n harmony on the same land…With enough warmth, waste removal, energy, food resources, etc to keep ourselves maintained and happy?
    What’s the saying ‘more hands make light work’…

  52. Wow! Love all I have read. My wife and I dream of being semi self sufficient and semi off the grid one day. To be honest I don’t even know where to start but we are busy saving for our own house. Hopefully somewhere away from suburbia and the mundane!

  53. Great idea, concepts that my life’s partner and self have entertained for decades – now retired. Have been an active member with Bio dynamics past 48 years / as well as as Anthroposophy. Have writeen articles books aiming toward rosicrucianism. ensure that everyone is left FREE to unfold their unique potential in whatever way their destiny path takes them. Have worked all my life in nursing, social work, mental health, raised six children. Love to buia straw bale dwelling and find my sustenance through like minded others and in harmony with natures simple splendours. All the best, Grahame

  54. Hi,

    I am very interested in Eco village communities, although I have just started to look at it. Mainly for the affordable housing opportunity, permaculture, carbon footprint and caring community possibilities.

    I am semi retired, no investment $’s as such, but I have a steady income from a home based business. I would love to be kept informed about this project and the possibilities of getting involved.

    Christina Boyke

  55. I would love to be part of a sudtainable community, i am a tradie and studied as an engineer, i am fit and capable aswell as smart, my dream is to retire asap offgrid, i am not a fan of modern social structures and believe they are going to fail, i have a green thumb that extends to my elbow and am always looking to improve my own personal skillset, i am a jack of all trades that knows nothing but learns everything and im always willing to work harder for greater achievements, if anyone wants to correspond with me for a possible community possition i would love the oppotunity, im at the point where i need to get away from the city and embrace Nature again. I have years of experience with natire and animals, im a greenie in the garden and i inderstand badic ptobciplrs on physics and structutsl design as well as moving components. I eould be an asset to a self sustaining community and would love the oppotunity to prove it. [email protected] please contact 5 me if you have a community or plan to start one, i could be the puzzle piece that fits

  56. Hi, I am interested in talking to you to arrange a visit with the view to the type of living you aspire. Please contact me…

  57. hi, it would be a great pleasure to join such a wonderful project and to be a part of a community to embrace earth as our home and to preserve it for future generations to enjoy also. the current world situation does not paint a very optimistic picture and i would love to be a part of a change that may hopefully make an impact for the rest of society for eons to come. i am a welder by trade and hold a broad set of skills with my hands in most trade grounds and happy to share them where necessary for a feed and a warm bed :) [email protected]

  58. Hi there,

    I have been looking into various different eco villages around Australia. I am at a crossroads in my life and have a small amount of money to play with to create a lifestyle that reflects my goals and values. Id be very interested in hearing more or even being a part of the initiative from the ground up so to speak.

    With gratitude,

  59. Hi Great idea I agree about housing all over australia and the world really. Anyway I have a concept that I feel is worth attention for not just housing etc but a way to surpass the normal system in place. Would love to find out how it is going. A mud brick maker would be a great tool to have. You have my email. Good luck Fi

  60. Hi guys, I’m overdue to make the “tree change”! Would love to find out more about this kind of project and get involved in off the grid and land sharing living :-)

  61. When we look at the changes in climate and what we know is coming our way with deep freezing, long cold dryness and a rise in ambient temperature noticeably the immediate effects of longer and hotter summers it places a complete review on that aspect that our cities and suburbs have to be rebuilt from the ground up. Variations of earth covered buildings and their proven advantages with higher density living, more durable to global warming and lower cost construction if prefabricated in a factory and placed on the ground. then covered in soil to make fireproof no need for heating or cooling. Well, I can see a means for your community to be financially sound drawing in a good income as a community and if you are focusing this way then I am interested. Interested in better living and workable homes for the future of our children.

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