Excerpts from the Sixth International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC6), Perth, 1996

In 1996 the 6th International Permaculture Conference & Convergence (IPC6) was held in Perth, Western Australia. Approximately 300 delegates from around the world attended over a period of approximately 10 days and much information was exchanged and many friendships were made. The event was recorded and edited into a 90-minute documentary and has finally been uploaded to the net so we can all enjoy the stories that came from the conference.

The documentary commences with an excerpt from Professor Ian Lowe’s Walter Murdoch Lecture (@ 1:15) given at Murdoch University a week prior to the conference and continues with interviews and excerpts from the keynote speakers.

These include Bill Mollison’s edited opening address (@ 5:08), conference convenor Pat Dare (@ 15:00) Julie Firth on dryland permaculture in Geraldton, Western Australia (@16:10), Rosemary Morrow, speaking about permaculture in war zones (@26:20), David Coleman, permaculture in Denmark, Western Australia (@36:45), Robyn McCurdy on permaculture in schools (@46.23), Joanne Tippett on sustainable global community building (@ 51:00), Peter Cuming, Selfless service, local government & empowerment (@54:10), Roseanne Geddes on Perth’s City Farm (@58:00), Christopher Darker on renewable energy(@ 1:05:00) and a wrap of edited speeches at the end of the conference.

There are also many hilarious & insightful excerpts from a lecture Bill Mollison gave a week prior to the conference. These can be found at: 02:25, 24.40, 33.30, 45.15, 49.15, 49.40 & 01.16.45.

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