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IPCUK Scholarships

You can visit the Crowd Funding Page here.

Help us build up a scholarship fund so that we can support permaculture practitioners from across the world to attend the international permaculture conference and convergence this September in London and Essex (IPCUK).

Geoff Lawton has already donated in excess of three thousand pounds and sponsored two places, as scholarships, for this up coming event.

Everyone that pledges between £10 and £250 will be entered into a prize draw to win an IPCUK Convergence catered camping ticket (travel not included).

We’ve had over 60 amazing applications for scholarships from permaculture practitioners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Cameroon, Malawi, Gambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, Belize, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Cuba, Argentina, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India. We want to support as many of them as we can, and we need your help.


Why is this campaign important?

Your support will help bring representatives from across the world, so that:

  • Their voices will be at the heart of discussions for the next phase of the international permaculture network.
  • Their needs can be recognised and better supported now and in the future.
  • They will be able to access information and support, and share it with their communities when they get home.
  • They can share their experiences, skills and achievements with other participants at IPCUK.

Their participation will ensure this IPC will be truly representative of permaculture around the world. People like…


Christopher Nesbitt and Celini Logan manage the Maya Mountain Research Farm in Belize. Founded in 1988, the farm is one of the oldest permaculture projects in Central America; demonstrating a 26 year transition from damaged cattle and citrus land to a model permaculture farm, turning degraded monoculture into a polyculture of over 500 species.

“Our main area of interest is the intersection between agriculture and ecology, with specific focus on agroforestry as a tool for […] agricultural models that produce food, timber, fiber, medicinal and marketable crops, but also replicate ecosystem services like carbon sequestration […] soil moisture retention and habitat creation. Additionally we work in areas of energy poverty, having installed photovoltaic lighting systems in schools in nine indigenous communities and one refugee community, as well as two village level photovoltaic water pumping systems.”

Recognising the importance of “teaching permaculture in a context that values indigenous identity” Chris and Celini have scaled up both their practical and campaigning activities since attending IPC Cuba. They feel they have learned how to better promote permaculture design rather than just specific tools and have engaged dozens of farmers in this learning. They have also introduced a year-long Permaculture Design Course for indigenous youth from communities not served by school buses, used permaculture in conversations about climate change mitigation with other NGOs and increased regional ties with visitors from Mexico, Guatemala and Trinidad.

“IPC in Cuba was […] amazing for us, as geographically isolated as we are, and has resulted in a much increased ability to share permaculture in communities that are applying what they learn, now. These are the front lines in climate change and these are the communities that will be most adversely affected.”


Julious Piti and the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust

The achievements of permaculture teacher, designer and conflict facilitator, Julious Piti, are almost too incredible to sum up in a few short sentences. A founding member of the Chikukwa Ecological Land Trust (CELUCT) in 1991; over 80% of the population of Chikukwa villages now practice permaculture, meeting their own needs with a surplus to share from the abundant mountainsides, formerly afflicted by deforestation and erosion.

In 2009 he facilitated a permaculture design project for a village of (just!) 5,000 on the shores of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Now, as Director of PORET (Participatory Organic Research Extension and Training), Julious aims to replicate the strategies of CELUCT in the low rainfall area of Chaseyama, Zimbabwe.

Julious believes permaculture empowers communities towards self-help and practical solutions. In Zimbabwe, he hopes his teaching will help to “remove dependency syndrome, where people wait just to get from Governments and donors but to work for future community sustainability.”

These amazing practitioners from across the world have a lot to teach us about how to work with less resources, how to engage communities and how to create beautiful productive permaculture systems. Support them with a pledge today.


The Permaculture Association

We are the national charity that helps people learn about and use permaculture. We’ve been going for over 30 years and have been supporting permaculture around the world since we started. We are delighted to be hosting this year’s International Permaculture Convergence, and are working really hard to make it as diverse and inclusive as we can. We’ve got lots of great practitioners and projects in the UK, and are looking forward to sharing our work and learning from people all around the world.


About the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence (IPCUK)

The IPC is hosted every two years and is the main opportunity for practitioners, project leaders, teachers and activists to get together, share knowledge and plan for the future. We know 2015 is an important year – for climate change, for the Sustainable Development Goals, for the International Year of Soils – and we are working to make sure that the IPC helps in the important work of creating a happier and healthier world. The Conference theme is ‘Designing the World We Want’, and will bring together the world’s most exceptional permaculture projects – which is why it is so important to make sure we bring practitioners from the global south – where some of the most impressive permaculture initiatives are taking place. The Convergence is a five day event where we can learn from each other, share plans and develop strategies to take permaculture forwards in the coming years – as well as a lot of practical workshops, project presentations, networking and fun.

Make a pledge – great rewards!

Have a look at the rewards on offer – something for everyone! (please note, none of the rewards include transport costs). If you have rewards to offer to help with the campaign, please follow this link.

We have our first Crowdfunder Conference Sponsor!


London Permaculture Network is our first Crowdfunder Conference Sponsor, and we’re delighted to have them on board! With London as the host city for IPCUK, its wonderful to have so much support from London Permaculture Network – both practical and financial. They run a monthly social, the annual permaculture festival at Cecil Sharp House, other networking events, courses and a range of projects. If you’re interested in one of our sponsorship packages, you can find out more here.

Crowdfunder Convergence Sponsors


The St. Athans Hotel is a simple, clean, family-run budget hotel in Bloomsbury, the leafy heart of London. We offer great value for money and friendly service, providing a comfortable home from home. The St. Athans Hotel is also hoping to be London’s first Permaculture designed hotel – watch this space.


Natural Flow is a design consultancy underpinned by the ethics and principles of permaculture. We offer introduction and forest garden weekend courses. The business is undergoing a major reorganisation so check back to find out how we can design holistic outcomes whether you are a business, community or an individual.


Leeds Permaculture Network meets once a month for a lively and informative social at Friends Meeting House, runs courses, including an annual Permaculture Design Course, supports a range of projects and gets involved in other initiatives across Leeds. An open network, if you live in or near Leeds feel free to get in touch, pop down to one of our socials and get involved.

Do you have a permaculture business or local group that could support this campaign? You can sponsor the convergence (the event after the conference) for a very affordable £125.

Please note, if you wanting to contribute from outside the UK and the payment options here don’t work for you, you can make a donation via the Association’s website here.

Thank you so much for your support.

You can visit the Crowd Funding Page here.

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