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A Developing Permaculturist from Tanzania Shares

Original artwork, by Miraji Muganda
Editor’s note: Many of the IPC attendees purchased artwork from Miraji — to
support his efforts in Tanzania, but also just because he makes excellent drawings!

My name is Miraji Muganda. I am a 19-year old Tanzanian boy doing permaculture in Tanzania, which suffers greatly from poverty and environmental exploitation. I need to learn more and I want to help people to do what I learn. I have been practicing and teaching permaculture myself ever since my first course in 2007. That course was taught by Geoff Lawton from Australia, who is my good friend. I am working seriously and with determination for a sustainable future — not only for myself, but I want to help the people in my country even more. I am among those who have the potential to reach people’s hearts with enthusiasm for change.

I am presently designing gardens and planting trees at different places in Tanzania. I have also volunteered to teach the surrounding community about permaculture. Permaculture is a still a new concept here, so I devote my time to educate as well as work closely with some members of the community in their gardens and farms. I have also been sharing permaculture knowledge with my fellow staff members who are farmers.

Though faced with lots of challenges, I am determined to help our communities, which are affected by climate change and poverty, so they can change and use alternative, sustainable methods of farming and gardening and at the same time encourage them to focus on conserving the environment, using more efficient stoves and solar ovens, etc.

I was sponsored by PRI Australia to attend the Tenth International Permaculture Conference (IPC10) this year in Jordan. I got to learn, seek advice and gain knowledge from permaculture teachers, experts, practitioners, visionaries and activists from all over the world. They exposed me to different experiences, challenges, ideas and a new environment. This enabled me to also build a new network of international permaculture friends with whom to share our challenges and how we’ve overcome them, seek advice from time to time and interact when possible.


  1. All I can say is keep up the great work. What an effort Miraji, as someone who has done aid work I know the difficulties, to an “extent”.

    Just great mate, you are a true leader in your community.

    well done

  2. happy to have permaculture education.i can run every where throw my education.i would like to meat with people ho have skills how we can save this word problems to be solution.welcome Tanzania.we have already have different place for permaculture practice.i will be happy to get people hope we will see each other very soon,

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