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Exxon Still Funding Climate Denial Groups

I’ve often heard people state that climate change was invented by governments and corporations as a means of controlling and profiting from the populace – these are the climate change conspiracy theorists. While I think there is a very real danger, as I’ve expressed more than once, that if we don’t transform the way we live and how society functions in rapid fashion (i.e. finding alternatives to a consumption-based society and learning to work with, and benefit from, biological synergies) then things could deteriorate to the point where arbitrary control and draconian measures will become likely, at the same time the climate change conspiracy theorists have never explained why – if governments and industry are manufacturing evidence for climate change – these very groups have been spending millions funding people that spread climate denial misinformation. The Bush administration did its best to ignore and make light of the climate change issue, and its bosom buddy ExxonMobil, in particular, has been the lead player in providing the finance (watch ‘The Denial Machine’ video at bottom for more detailed info on this).

Last year Exxon-Mobil promised to cut funding to such groups, but The Guardian now reports that they have continued to fund climate skeptic misinformation right through 2008:

The world’s largest oil company is continuing to fund lobby groups that question the reality of global warming, despite a public pledge to cut support for such climate change denial, a new analysis shows.

Company records show that ExxonMobil handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds to such lobby groups in 2008. These include the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) in Dallas, Texas, which received $75,000 (£45,500), and the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, which received $50,000.

According to Bob Ward, policy and communications director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, at the London School of Economics, both the NCPA and the Heritage Foundation have published "misleading and inaccurate information about climate change."


Ward said: "ExxonMobil has been briefing journalists for three years that they were going to stop funding these groups. The reality is that they are still doing it. If the world’s largest oil company wants to fund climate change denial then it should be upfront about it, and not tell people it has stopped."- Guardian

First ExxonMobil was denying climate science – now it seems they’re denying their own denial. Exxon – take note:

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. – Aldous Huxley

As the video below clearly shows – this method of social engineering is exactly the same as that used by the tobacco industry. Indeed, some of the key players involved are the same. I have no idea how these people sleep at night.

A video used to be embedded here but the service that it was hosted on has shut down.

This Canadian TV documentary airs the dirty laundry behind the U.S.
and Canada’s persistent denial of global warming.
The title says it all: The Denial Machine
Duration: 40 mins



  1. There a few points I would like to point out. The term conspiracy theorists applies to anyone that believes in something which has not been proven to be accurate. I personally call anyone that discussess climate change on both sides conspiracy theorists simply because there is an argument to most points on both sides.

    Second, I would like to point out what the writers says conspiracy theorists have never pointed out. The reason why governments are propagating mis-information about climate change is so they can put in place multiple taxes. It is stated these taxes will be paid directly to a world bank. This gives the globalists more control over the people. All taxes have ever done throughout history is enslave those being taxed. Here in the U.S., they are in the process of passing a climate bill that does nothing to directly target the many problems we face. It is nothing more than a giant tax bill. To further answer the question of why Exxon has paid lobbyists. This is nothing more than a front to bring more attention to the political side of the issue. The banks throughout history have always funded both sides of the major wars. They also fund both sides of these political issues. Al Gore, the so-called leader of the global climate crisis, is the majority owner of a major oil company. He also owns a company that clears land for developments. He owns multiple homes, vehicles, etc that require a lot of energy to maintain. These people that are suppose to be leading the way to a greener tomorrow need to lead by example.

    Third, Bush excused the climate change issue because he had to put on a front for the Republican party in the U.S. This is now becoming an issue because our Congress is controlled by democrats. We are under very tyrannical measures here in the U.S. and it is about to get worse. This is not by accident, but by design by a group of powerful world bankers who care not about money anymore but about control. Anyone who wants to spend some time researching can find all the facts they need to back this up.

    I will write more comments later; however, you have to first open your mind for debate before you can learn which side is correct.

  2. Alright, let me try to answer the “why” question posed in the article.

    Let’s say Hitler was still alive–would you want him to be supportive of your political stance or opposed to it? I am guessing most of us would prefer that Hitler be opposed to whatever thing it is we are trying to do.

    The same thing is true with the false left-right paradigm. The “right” (George W. Bush, Exxon Mobile) gives political support to the system by “opposing” the thing that the real powers that be want accomplished (ie. a carbon tax and increased governmental control over every aspect of our lives). Everyone knows Bush is a liar and a war criminal so by his “opposition” of climate legislation, it reinforces the idea that this is actually a good thing (because evil Bush and evil Exxon are against it).

    Keep in mind that Al Gore owns controlling shares in an oil company. This is a gang of rich people raping the rest of us, and you and I, my friends, are not in that gang.

  3. My what a difference a few months makes.

    Looks like ExxonMobil has been supporting actual science while the warmists have been engaging in scientific fraud.


  4. By the way.

    When you look at the billions of dollars being spent on fraudulent warming “research”, you’ve got a lot of nerve hanging this argument on that massive investment of $125,000 spread out over two conservative think tanks.

    That’s probably not enough to pay for a couple of interns.

    Your average overfunded climate thief, I mean, “researcher” goes through that in Starbucks alone.

    And, these are primarily conservative think tanks and not weather research organizations.

  5. I mean, Exxon is really pushing that whole denier thing hard if they’ve been able to shake loose a whole $125,000 from their billions in profits over that last few years.

    What a huge commitment.

    I guess it’s that vast amount of money that makes it so staggering.

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