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Capping C02 Emissions Will Steal “Plant Food”

The nonsense that sometimes gets bandied about on climate change often leaves me gobsmacked – but when it comes from politicians it just plain leaves me fearing for the future. Watch these snippets from the March 25, 2009 hearing of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment to see what I mean:

Rep. John Shimkus: Capping C02 emissions will steal “plant food”

I’m not old enough to personally verify this, but I’m pretty confident we had plants and trees before we started burning coal in the 1800s. If the world is “carbon starved” I can’t imagine how the vast forests and other plant life the world previously possessed before industrial times – when CO2 levels were at about 280ppm – ever survived as abundantly as they did.  And, what’s more – if the world’s flora is CO2 deficient, why are CO2 levels still going up every decade? (we’re now at about 388ppm.)

Mr. Shimkus should consider science – particularly with growing evidence that as temperatures rise (due to increased CO2 in the atmosphere) the ability of trees to soak up that CO2 is being adversely affected. This is yet another feedback loop.

Rep. John Shimkus: God decides when the “earth will end”

In regards to the second clip – whatever people’s faith may be, there’s a law that always proves immutable: cause and effect. But, if he really insists on quoting scripture (I seem to remember there were very good reasons for keeping church and state separate…), then he might want to take a peek at Revelation 11:18.

Thanks to Vinay for sending these clips along.

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