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Seeds of Permaculture – Tropical Permaculture (video)

An interactive film about permaculture in the tropics, with education and inspiration as the main threads running through this hour-and-a-half-documentary.


  1. Excellent and funny. Some new ideas and also nice to see how some things are actu#lly done for real.

  2. Just watched your lovely video. So inspiring to see all you have accomplished and all the beauty you have created on so many levels.

  3. The video is good but why did you not attribute your work to anyone? Surely Bill Mollison and Sepp Holzer warrant mention. Joe Jenkins too.

  4. Very Intriguing video that I am watching on 18 Nov 2019, over 5 years after being posted. My question is how does one go about getting in contact with one of these active permacultures organizations to assist in getting their permaculture dream up and going….with volunteers from different parts of the world?
    I’m similar to many of the volunteers in that one day I woke up after almost 15 years of active duty U.S Air Force service as a medic being evaluated to see if I am fit to serve for duty any more. Other than going through the rigor of this medical evaluation board (MEB), I was being systematically torn apart by my military leaders through administrative attacks, most of which were made up and designed to get me dismissed from the military before the MEB could find me unfit and medically retire me. But what got to me even worst that my administrative attacks were seeing different versions of “hell” being visited up younger airmen around me which got to me mentally seeing human sufferings of those served by the very system that they are apart. This left me disillusioned and with the belief that has persisted since September 2018 that I am living in an illusionary world….and that I need to exit that system (of course, nothing as dramatic as suicide nor homicide). I am finally free from active duty military life where my life is almost my own again as I am now officially retired as of 29 Aug 2019 (just awaiting one more evaluation that should occur sometime between the beginning of Dec 2019 and beginning of March 2020, where my life under a petri dish from the military organization should be finished in time for a new chapter of LIVING).
    So on this journey of “truth” that I am on, I am seeking to wrap up life in America and purchase acres of rural land in Jamaica (where I spent the first 18 1/2 years of my life before immigrating to the U.S, I will be 41 years old mid-Dec 2019 in the next 4 weeks from now) to live a self-sustaining permaculture off-grid life with a community of like-minded individuals that will immigrate to my little tropical paradise of love and forgiveness and community of share seeking of truth and knowledge within and outside ourselves without the trappings of working to propagate capitalizing….we work with our hands and our brains to relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor and live in harmony with nature.
    So I am not “building for a local community” as I no longer know my Jamaican natives (I have been gone for 22 1/2 years)….all I know is that the natives could be hazardous to my health (as within the past 30+ years, over 2,000+ ex-pats are killed typically the majority by family members). Obviously no place is safe….but in a community of like-minded permaculture working to build a paradise….as a team….we will be safe….and whoever wants to stay on can….no rent nor expenses of keep expected….just continue to live to grow and reap.
    I am hoping to have the land purchased by hopefully before the end of 2020….I have had no luck in getting a hold of realtors in Jamaica to respond to phone calls and or e-mails. I believe I have also tried getting a hold of the permaculture office that might have been briefly active at one point in Jamaica via e-mail about a year ago and have had no luck. I am looking to purchase land of a size of about 5-40 acres of land…where the majority will be a forest habit with very little clearings for human habitat…which will be bamboo huts or bamboo houses. Bamboo is one of the things I would like to start off planting around the entire perimeter of land as border/boundary and protection….as well as for furniture and habitat for the human species of our biodome that mushrooms and bees for honey and pollination will play a big role in.

    Anyway, help or direction would be plenty appreciated….I am going to start off on a small scale in my TX urban back yard by around May 2020 (or as soon as I sell my house in OH) with raised vegetable gardens, hens for eggs, and bees for honey….to name a few ideas….while things get up and running in Jamaica. If I get a permaculture team and help from people all over the world….then I wouldn’t need to be moving back and forth from the U.S.

    1. Hi Nathalie W,
      Your project sounds interesting and we wish the all the best.
      I’m not sure if you have heard about
      It is a free to use platform that allows you to create profiles about your projects and connect to other people practicing permaculture in your area.
      You may find it useful for sharing and exchanging info etc.

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