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How to Make Compost From Your Humanure – Closing the Loop

In this film we take a tour of Greg and Lisa’s composting toilet setup and see how they’ve been safely composting and using their humanure on their veggie garden for over four years.

Video Contains Occasional Minor Coarse Language

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  1. Thank you for helping to make Humanure mainstream.

    I’ve often wondered if we could just build and leave the Humanure compost heap in the centre of the food forest or vegetable plot and leave it to the mycorrhizal fungal to do the distribution to our trees and plants.

  2. When I was a child in the 1940s, I lived near a Chinese market garden. Nobody minded my wandering around in there and the fact that the men who lived in the shack on the site used the whole garden as a toilet was obvious. At home we pulled a chain and flushed, these Chinese gardeners just went outside and squatted. I remember the size of the carrots they pulled up; they were huge!

  3. I find by cleverly adding a urine diverting funnel to the composting toilet bucket and attaching a hose to the funnel it vastly improves the composting ! End of hose can go into a half filled water container and makes a good product for plants. Urine is 93 percent water! Peter

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