Permaculture Design Course PDC – Marda Permaculture Farm, Palestine. – 15th – 28th April 2017

Join us for an exquisite opportunity to learn about permaculture principles and techniques from the permaculture specialists Klaudia Van Gool, Murad Al Khuffash and Dr Iba’ Farrah whilst experiencing the culture, food and traditions of beautiful Palestine! And much more!

VENUE: Marda Permaculture Farm, Marda village (Salfit district).

PDC: Apr 15th – 28th (arrival on Apr 14th)

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The course consists of 13 nights board in a comfortable house, with internet, showers, washing machines, and other essential needs (there is additional accommodation for women wishing to sleep in a single gender environment)

The course includes intensive lectures on the following subjects:

“Introduction to Permaculture, theory and principles of PC, soil: (profile, fertility, conservation…), water harvesting and management, sheet mulch, trees (agroforestry, forest gardening), kitchen gardening, healthy food, people, energy conservation techniques, natural building, urban permaculture, design and patterns, design work, consolidation”.

After finalizing the course and the design projects, each participant is expected to receive an international Permaculture Design Certificate.

Languages during the course: English with Arabic translation.

Fantastic opportunity to learn Permaculture Design at Marda’s demonstration site and to experience Palestinian culture at its richest.

Marda is an ancient, peaceful stone village nestled in the mountains, one hour away from Jerusalem and surrounded by olive groves.

Everyone is welcome to this 13 day event; please contact us to book and help you with travel arrangements.

Fees (including tuition fees, food and accommodation)

International students: $1000

Palestinian students: $400 (a limited number of scholarships are available)


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Murad AlKhuffash is a permaculture specialist and the founder of Marda Permaculture Farm. In 2006, after studying permaculture at the Farm Ecovillage Training Center in Summertown, Tennessee, Murad founded Marda Permaculture Farm. He is creating a teaching center and model farm in Marda for local farmers and international permaculture students and volunteers.
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Klaudia van Gool is a permaculture tutor and environmental consultant. She has incorporated Permaculture ideas for the last 20 years and has been teaching permaculture since 2007. She has become increasingly interested in the People Care aspects of permaculture. She has a particular love for the plant world, teaching foraging and generally getting people interested in connecting with plants and finding it a great way to get people connected with the wider natural world.
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Iba’ Farrah is an environmentalist and doctor of Public Health. She has years of experience in research in the fields of Public Health, Epidemiology, Agriculture and Genetics. Her interest in Permaculture started in 2011 and since then, she works on promoting healthy living and nutrition, environmental awareness, organic farming and sustainable agriculture. She is aiming to empower communities with permaculture to meet their needs and preserve nature.

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For registration and more information

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook page: Marda Permaculture Farm, Palestine


Tel: 0599967420 / 0546396882

The Permaculture Research Insitute

PRI Zaytuna Farm functions as a model farm (in development) and permaculture training facility. Geoff and Nadia Lawton, world-renowned permaculture educators and consultants, lead the project. Much of Geoff and Nadia’s time over the last few years has been spent away from the Institute, consulting and helping set up projects in diverse locales around the world. Seeing the worldwide demand for knowledgeable permaculture consultants and teachers increase exponentially, as fuel and fertiliser prices skyrocket and the effects of climate change, soil depletion and water shortages begin to hit hard, priority and focus is now shifting back to the Institute, where growing the training program will increase the output of quality teachers to help fill the growing need for them.

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