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Anne Stobart – Medicinal Forest Gardens – A New Quality In Permaculture

Anne and Kay created and nurture the Holt Wood ( – a 3.5 acre piece of woodland, which they transformed from a commercial conifer timber planting to a diverse forest garden. The focus of their work is the medicinal nature of everything in their project. Although you will find edible species there, the idea was to, literally take growing medicinal plants in the UK to the next level. Most gardens only keeps medicinal herbs, whilst they have built a multi-story forest assembly. They have also looked outside the UK, and brought trees from other climate analogues, mainly in North America. This gives them the unique position of security in case of trouble of supply from abroad.

Searching for the term “medicinal forest garden” mainly brings up her website, and it seems that they could be a world first intentional permaculture medicinal forest garden creators. In our chat, we explore the idea of running a webinar to bring their experience to the wider permaculture community. If this is something you’d like to happen, comment below, or leave me a message over at: , or on twitter:


If you’d like to hear more interviews with permaculture practitioners in the UK, head over to


  1. I’m trying to do the same thing on 200 acres in the 45° latitude of the Pacific Northwest. My focus isn’t entirely in medicinals, but the intention is to have my forest provide as much of my needs as possible. Especially with mixed species from across the globe from analogue climates so that I don’t have all of my eggs in one basket :-)

  2. I’d be interested in learning about the nuts-and-bolts of their vision. From their experience I’d extract what would be useful here in Texas.

  3. I would definitely be interested in joining a webinar to learn more. We are starting development soon on a food forest garden on our 93 acres in northern Sonoma County and incorporating medicinal plants would be amazing.

  4. I’ve been working in traditional medicine forest gardens in Mexico for several years and going back to England I’d like to visit/ learn from/ get involved with this amazing project.

  5. I would love to participate in your webinar. My coaching model is based on spiritual ecology/permaculture. In addition I am also interested in incorporating medicinal herbs in my retreat center in upstate New York USA. Thank you.

  6. Would love to know more and join a webinar. We have three acres in Portugal which we are transforming and wish to encorporate as many medicinal plants as possible.

  7. I’d love a webinar. We are using natural medicinals in our daily life and I started making herbal infusions last season. We are transferring our farm and yard over to permaculture . We are in Alberta , Canada

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