Raising Resilient Kids in a World Full of Wusses

Getting out of the problem and into the solution. Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast has shared episode 1825 on his Youtube Channel commercial free. This episodes’ main focus is that children should be praised positively, but that it should not be a one size fits all approach. Jack illustrates, as with all of his material, a well thought out point of view.

Jacks’ 10 rules for raising resilient children

  • Let them fail
  • Challenge them
  • Give them a system, teach them to “work it”
  • Get their hands dirty
  • Praise them for failing in the right context
  • Encourage “next step thinking”
  • Incentivize self directed learning
  • Teach them to safely use “dangerous” things
  • Put them in charge at times
  • Teach them about self ownership
  • The Bonus Rule – Everyone is great at something, find that for yourself

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  1. the whole “wuss” thing seems rather superfluous, and everyone’s excessive defense of it seems kind of dumb. honestly, not a good look.

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