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The Q-Drum and Wello Water Wheel: Rollable Water Containers

Imagine a durable, practically indestructible round plastic container that allows anyone (generally women and children) to harvest at least 50 liters of water and pull it home without breaking their backs, or necks.

Check out the Q-Drum and the Wello Water Wheel — two ingenious inventions that have the potential to make many people’s lives more wonderful by providing an average size family with enough drinking water.
The Q-Drum

The Wello Water Wheel

We can easily see the compatibility of these simple devices with farming, aid, natural disasters, even washing clothes.

Fetching water has never been so fun it seems… until fresh water reaches everyone, everywhere!


  1. This is brilliant. Necessity is the mother of all innovation. So simple you have to ask why this hasn’t been done before. Love it.

  2. Wonderful idea! This is going to make life a lot easier for many, many people! With more availability of clean (one hopes) water, it will improve quality of life and provide the health benefits that regular washing of clothes and body provides. Disease and infection spread quickly when it is hard to keep clean.

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