Establishing a Food Forest 3-Hour Session with Geoff Lawton (Calgary, August 14, 2014)

Geoff Lawton, the internationally beloved permaculture teacher, is headed to Calgary to film our site, so we couldn’t help but ask him to teach for us. Join us for this exclusive opportunity to learn from Geoff himself in this 3 hour session: “Establishing a Food Forest”!

What: Establishing a Food Forest 3-hour session with Geoff Lawton
August 14, 2014, 6:00 – 9:00 pm
Where: SAIT Campus – MacDonald Hall (in the Stan Grad Lounge/Heritage Hall Bldg), 1301 – 16th Ave NW Calgary
Cost: $75

Note: Tickets will be sold at the door if still available, however, we recommend purchasing in advance because space is limited.

When once-in-a-lifetime opportunities arrive, we believe in sharing them…. So – thanks to a breathtaking honour for Verge – you’re invited to hear Geoff Lawton speak live, in person, on “Establishing a Food Forest” …for a bare-minimal fee!

Who’d have dreamed that Geoff Lawton, founder of the Permaculture Research Institute and world-class designer/educator, would be coming all the way from Australia to Calgary to film Verge for his worldwide permaculture project video series?

But that’s exactly what’s happening… and with this internationally-beloved teacher’s filming visit scheduled during our August PDC training, of course we asked him to offer a talk… and he has graciously agreed!

Geoff Lawton in his video,
“Establishing a Food Forest”.

So on Thursday, August 14th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., we will proudly host Geoff Lawton, for a workshop on “Establishing a Food Forest” at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, here in Calgary. And you are invited to participate for a mere $75* (a small fraction of what we’d ordinarily need to charge just to cover his travel expenses)!

Now, even if you’re not familiar with Geoff, you’ve probably been hearing about forest gardens – seems like everyone wants to start one these days! And for good reason – a mature forest garden replicates the self-sustaining, land-healing, air- and water-purifying, carbon-sequestering habitat of a wild forest – with the added benefit of supporting human life because every plant is edible.

We couldn’t ask for a better speaker on the topic than Geoff: through the PRI — he is spearheading a multimedia, online/real-time program teaching permaculture and forest gardening worldwide to ensure safe food and water for the future.

Whether you’re just curious, thinking of starting your own forest garden, or interested in furthering your permaculture studies, you won’t want to miss this extraordinary opportunity to hear Geoff in person!

Sign me up!

* Students in our August PDC attend at no charge – another reason to register for the PDC today!

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