Byron Bay Regrarian Open Consultancy (RAC) with Darren Doherty (NSW, Australia)

A rare opportunity for those in the northern NSW area!

Regrarian Open Consultancy (RAC) is a dynamic 2-day program designed to involve participants directly in the delivery of an integrated farm planning and development consultancy. Led by one of the world’s most renowned and experienced farm planners, Darren J. Doherty (AU), the RAC is all about having participants work to understand the 10 step process logic involved with the ‘Regrarian’ Platform which methodically covers each and every element of farm planning and development. In short the RAC is a Professional Development (PD) for primary producers when it comes to production landscape and enterprise planning and development. The RAC experience will result in participants understanding some of the process behind rebooting their own farming enterprises with a step by step approach that is highly adaptable to their own circumstances.

What is a ‘Regrarian’?

Regrarian, a portmanteau of ‘Regenerative Agrarian’, is a term first coined by Darren J. Doherty in 2013 to describe those who are actively undertaking the serious and timely process of regenerating, restoring, rehabilitating, rehabitating, rekindling (etc.!) and rebooting production landscapes across this planet.

Regrarianism as a philosophy and methodology per se is ultimately an expansionist and self-determined reflection of Heenan Doherty’s charter and is therefore not just about regeneration, but also rehabitation, rehabilitation, restoration, recolonisation (not neocolonialism!), recycling and so on. I purposely took out the ‘A’ in Agrarian, not just because ‘Reagrarian’ doesn’t roll off of the tongue and I wanted to take AG out of it, and for a reason: I believe that agriculture has been an atrophic exercise and I didn’t want to have it in my word.

Regrarian Pedagogy

For any methodology to be successfully transferred it needs to have pedagogy that is locally adaptive, strategic, incremental and capability-building in its output whilst being participatory and self-determined in its approach. Humans have always been creatures who have been guided by stories and the wisdom of those past whilst being infused with the adaptive creativity of those current to take them and their communities forward. In our ‘reboot’ we have developed an initial set of learning models to address the current challenges and opportunities.

Darren J. Doherty has delivered over 160 courses and seminars to more than 6000 people since 2001, including 39 Permaculture Design Courses (13 solo). Darren has also completed more than 1600 property development plans since 1993 in 45 countries and is widely recognised as a leader and pioneer in the Permaculture & Regenerative Agriculture movements.


Thursday September 26th — Friday September 27th, 2013


The 2013 Byron Bay RAC is being hosted by:

Starseed Gardens, 60 Yagers Lane, Byron Bay, NSW Australia


AUD$250/per person

No discounts apply for this event!


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