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Watching the above video, and others I’ve seen like it, gives me rocket-stove envy. Rocket-stove envy can be a serious condition, if not dealt with in a reasonable time frame. Indeed, it can be a debilitating disease. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, sleeplessness, regret, empty wallets and general surliness. But, if enough people had this serious condition, and also had it properly dealt with, by getting their own well-built rocket-stove, I can only imagine how much more joy there would be in the world, and how many trees would be saved from a premature demise….

I don’t know Calen Kennett or Ernie and Erica Wisner myself, but if they know as much about rocket-stoves as they appear to, then I’d be very keen to see them complete the Rocket Stove Instructional DVD they’re working on. I’m sure there are a lot of people who, like myself, would like to build an effective, smoke-free rocket stove for their home, but who can’t afford to ‘experiment’ and hope when they live in areas where experimentation can be costly, and where very cold winter temperatures can also turn a failed experiment into a something of a disaster.

At time of writing this post, Calen and the Wisners have not quite reached 50% of their $6,000 goal for their Kickstarter campaign. They have only 20 days to go to achieve that goal, or the money committed so far will be forfeited (it will return to the donors). I suspect many of the people frequenting and donating on Kickstarter are not quite as savvy about the significance of everyone having a wood heater that uses much less wood than a normal home fire, but I know this is not the case with our own readership. Hence, I thought I’d help by getting you all on the case.

Can you imagine the impact of everyone heating with wood having a 60 – 80% reduction in wood consumption? Getting sensible solutions out there, and implemented, requires upskilling people in your area, and the best way to accomplish that is through quality educational material. If you can afford a few dollars to help kick start this educational DVD, you may well help to cure rocket-stove envy in your household and many others.

Check out the campaign, and donate, here!


  1. Thanks Rado. Well, yesterday the total they’d collected was about $2,600, and today it’s at $7,254. Way to go guys! :)

  2. Yes! Thank you so much for the outpouring of support! Thank you Craig for the great article! It is all really quite amazing and we are very touched! We are already hard at work making you a great DVD about how to build an amazing stove!
    In gratitude,
    Producer of the Rocket Stove Instructional DVD

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