Sustainable Living Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

What: A sustainable film festival
When: December 2-4, 2011
Where: Istanbul

Systemic change is only possible with the simultaneous transformation of individuals, communities and institutions that constitute the system. A system changes when the critical majority of the components reach a new level of consciousness. This is only possible when the individuals’ perception of the reality that they are in has changed, where they can establish a cause-effect relationship of the system and then see their role in the order of things.

The Sustainable Living Film Festival that we are organizing — in order to contribute to the restructuring of all aspects of life from agriculture to energy, from health to recycling and from education to economy — has a holistic perspective and it aims to;

  • create change in individuals and society, by utilizing the informative, awareness raising and influential powers of the “ visual”,
  • “ reveal” the mechanical and fragmented world view and the “ life consuming” system that is a product of this view,
  • invite individuals to hope and reason, by presenting efforts, movements, thought systems, actions, teachings, a new level of consciousness and the vision towards “ sustainable living” around the world; to encourage them to discover their power and free themselves from the system that disempowers them!

The 3-day long festival will offer 2 Turkish and 14 foreign documentary screenings with subtitles, short films and animations, thematic talks following some of the screenings, musical performances and other events, which will all be open to public free of charge!

Click here for more details! (3.7mb PDF)

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