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PRI at The Channon Market

Recently, on Sunday the 12th of December, following a lengthy absence and despite the un-seasonally heavy rains predicted, the Permaculture Research Institute returned to the local monthly Channon market.

The PRI stall was located near to the market offices, displaying Permaculture books, DVDs, course and farm tour information. The display also included a selection of organically grown herbs and plants with examples of vertical and companion growing systems.

With a “clear vision” worm farm (fresh juice being supplied to the plants throughout the day) combined with some objets d’art from the local recycling shop, the display was certainly an eclectic eye catcher for the local market patrons.

Some of the books and DVDs available included Bill Mollison’s Designers’ Manual, Geoff Lawton’s new Soils DVD, Isabell Shiphard’s herb collection and a wide variety of other titles all offered at special pre-holiday sale prices.

Being staunch advocates of local initiatives, PRI were fortunate to spend the day alongside a local group protesting against resources giant Arrow Energy, who have recently begun a program of experimental drilling for coal seam gas in the nearby Keerrong valley.

As a major tenet of Permaculture is “people care”, what better place to promote positive change, meet the locals and share some knowledge, than at the famous Channon Market. Make sure to drop in if you’re in the area!


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