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Solving All the Problems of the World – in a Garden

This video can be downloaded in high resolution from Vimeo (see ‘About this video’ section on lower right side’).

I hope you’ll enjoy this clip on the Jawaseri School Garden Project. More, I hope it encourages you to dare to be different, and dare to have your work noticed. The garden we profile in the video above, as you’ll discover after watching it, has just won a national competition held by the Jordanian Department of Education – for schools who incorporate environmental projects into their curriculum. This means that thousands of schools, in what is arguably the most water-stressed country on the planet, now have the possibility to learn from this humble example of permaculture in action – and get inspired to do similar.

Special thanks to Lesley Byrne for her enthusiastic support, and to Nadia Lawton for her vision and determination to help her own people – and in so doing setting such an excellent example for us all.


  1. Really impressive work. How incredible to see such progress in such a short period of time. Keep up the good work.

  2. Not only is this a great win for the Jordanian people but as an Australian I am proud of what you have acheived. What better way to heal the worlds problems.

  3. Fantastic! Imagine if all the money that went into ‘defence’ and arms went into gardens – the deserts would disappear and the world would be healing as fast as it has been destroyed.
    This is so heartening. Thanks.

  4. Congratulations to all involved! This is a wonderful model for others to emulate in all schools of the planet. Well done Nadia and Geoff for your visionary and practical approach to spreading empowerment to the people of Jordan and the world.

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