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  1. Hi Craig, Thanks for posting the sequel. Very interesting to see what has happened on the Jordan site since I made the 5 minute version in 2001. I like the shot of the two donkeys caught in traffic. Great symbolism.
    Just shows what you can do when editing this video on cardboard boxes – turn them into sheet mulch when you are finished! Cheers Frank

  2. Nice work Craig. Inspirational work from Nadia, Geoff and the wonderful people of the Middle East.. from friends in the encroaching desert drylands of Victoria Australia.

  3. Great stuff Craig. It brings back a lot of memories and I am really happy that you could produce such wonderful stuff in such a short amount of time. Your efforts are appreciated!
    Tanya and Jesse

  4. Kudos to you all. The last photo of the little girl always reminds us why we do what we do, for the future……
    I am working on an old G# Mac and am unable to watch your wonderful video. In the future do you see yourself putting it on YouTube?
    That my computer can handle.
    Thanks again to all of you for all you do!


  5. Thanks everyone.

    Kim – sorry to hear you can’t watch it. Is it your computer, or your internet connection? See the ‘tips for watching’ bit under the video. Re YouTube, they only allow ten minute clips. If you can play YouTube clips, you’ll be able to play this – just follow the tips under the video to force the player to buffer the video before you play it.

  6. I am a concerned about the possiblity of reaction from religious fundamentalists and politicians in Jordan to organized permaculture. I hope for the best and that the local governments and religious community will be open to permaculture. In my own experience I have found permaculture to be a mojor shift in paradigm. Almost a 180 degree shift in how I see the “value stream” within the distribution of goods and services. Also I continue to see American Society as more and more surreal. More often than not I verbalize against the dogma of supply side economics usually to get blasted with a “your wrong”, “prove it” or “how can you say that?”. I don’t know what the political and religious community is like in Jordan but I know that here in the US you won’t win a popularity contest by speaking out against the status quo.

  7. Great work, thank you all! Video ran fine once I followed your instructions. Al, Good on you for speaking up, but perhaps throwing the permaculture cold hard truth ‘seeds’ straight into the ‘consumption’ fuelled fire is a waste of good energy. As I’m sure you well know they’ll do much better in fertile soil, and a few’ll take in the cracks too, and then perhaps the miraculous growth will convince the some other ‘rocky place’ minds. I wish our Aussie authorities had more respect for permaculture like the Jordanian political (sharing officespace) and royal (thanks) have shown.

  8. Hi my friend really u did a great job and i wish if u did it and get to palestine then we will see our project on line too any way thanks alot for sharing us this video and keep going good luck .

  9. @ craig, keep up the good work, convey my salaam to geoff and nadia.

    @ anyone concerned about religious fundamentalists

    permaculture is not another religion to challenge the established, as you can see rural jordanians are already familiar with gardening so permaculture is not a great change (compared to westernised suburban folk like myself) and it compliments the existing culture and religion of the people.

    what im trying to say is that i see no reason for ‘religious fundamentalists’ to react negatively to permaculture, rather i expect we would promote it as well because of its numerous benefits.

    i say ‘we’ because according to the stereotypical definition i am a religious fundamentalist, and i promote permaculture to, and there is no contradiction between islam and permaculture, so there is no reason for concern, unless someone turns it into a missionary activity.

    kind regards

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