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All Pigs in Egypt to be Culled

Continuing on from yesterday, where we revealed some pretty concrete links between H1N1 (Swine Flu) and corporate factory farms, and where we bemoaned the fact that the small-scale backyard farmers are likely to suffer because of the actions of this large U.S. industry, now we see that all the pig farmers in Egypt are going to lose their entire stock (around 300,000 – 400,000 animals in total). Apparently there is talk of ‘compensation’ (we’ll see…), but pig farmers would have to relocate their fresh new stock (when they’re allowed to restock is unknown) to locations away from birds and humans – arguably an impossible task for most. This will likely leave a great many families without a means of income.


  1. Fear and knee jerk “reactions” in response to corporate farming hmmmmm, I guess we’ll see more of this as things come to a head. “If Only” the real culprits were targeted instead of those who cannot defend themselves.

    As real a threat a swine flu may be, industrial scale food production is, to my mind, much worse in the long term. I wonder what would happen if we names a flu strain “Human Flu”?

  2. so 19 people die and the world comes to an end
    shiot lets just kill everything that kills people….. oh hang on !!!!! we are working on that.. thank god we cant fuck anymore than we already have with the weather. At least it beats having more wars to cull the population…. man ??sometimes IM ashamed to be a human

  3. its a deliberate disease implanted by mankind to scare people and they (the egyptians) will find that its a overreaction to slaughter all the pigs

  4. It is a real threat the Swine Flu; believe me when I say that most of us we Egyptian people are already aware of that implantation theory, most of us believe that either it’s mankind made or mother nature anger, it stays God’s will, so that’s fine with us, no fear. Moreover, we’ve been through a lot scarier than a flue through time. You will be amazed when you know that very few people used a mask or a muzzle here, we still eat junk food, enjoying our time(trying to!!)and the streets never sleep. Any one that visits Egypt already knows what I mean.

    But on the other hand, in the middle of piles of shit and garbage being eaten all day by pigs, is no where a human being can survive normally, it’s not a farm and those are not farmers, It’s usually a fully populated area, an environment where you can enjoy all kinds of diseases and pollution, all kinds of smell and dirt, not a chance for a positive healthy community to be created, regardless the many other dangerous consequences those communities could bring out to the world. And here comes the real big scary threat, which of course is not the flu, it’s the ignorance, relentless, the clumsy management of the situation (used to it!!)from the start till it bursts and after that.

    People will suffer, loose their stock and I do really feel sorry for them, may be they can relocate may be not, their income means will be dramatically affected no doubt, and may be the ‘compensation’ talk is a total fake… I don’t know, but unfortunately that’s how it goes, it’s like not to feel the threat and quit smoking unless you get the lung cancer, and the ‘doctor’ that ignored your case with your help ten years ago keeps telling you don’t worry it’s fine, you’re gonna make it, and in his mind says “die in peace bitch”!

    what a flu!?

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