1. “The Permaculture Way” (Thorsons 1992) was the first book of Permaculture I ordered by Air-Mail years ago to a book service related to the Schumacher Society of England named Green Spirit Book Service < > – Time after I also ordered “PERMACULTURE: A Designers’ Manual” to the same source, for me a treasure that lack of time has impeded me to study it more slowly and deeply, but I’m solving it to dedicate more time to read.

    BTW, very interesting your Video Mr. Geoff Lawton “The Permaculture Designers’ in One Hour”, Video that I am studying among other things and have shared in various Permaculture Facebook Groups. :) (Y)

    1. We have two of our own Billy and Bella and one that was a rescue called Maggie. Their handy to help with ploughing the ground prior to putting compost down. Plus they keep the grassed areas down and give us a deposit in return to use with composting. Its a win, win situation!

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