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When you renew for 12 months of PRI Recognised Teaching, your application fees work to support the continued evolution and development of the Worldwide Permaculture Network. In return, we provide you with the valuable benefits listed below. Together, we’ll help work to raise the standard of permaculture education around the globe. Renewing benefits yourself as a permaculture instructor, as well as the citizens of the world at large. The WPN brings together those who are invested in the value of permaculture systems, teachers and potential learners alike.

As a PRI Teacher:-

• Potential students will now have the opportunity to search for your profile as a teacher via our Worldwide Permaculture Network’s(WPN) member database, with a simple to use filter. Results will be displayed according to the time of last update: the more active and engaged you are, and the more conscientious about keeping your profile up to date, the higher your profile will appear in the results.

• Your renewal will include 20 PRI PDC Certificates, which will be emailed to the email address you list in your contact details. Please ensure this information is correct. Subsequent certificates required by the teacher (with the exception of renewals) will need to be ordered and paid for separately. Please contact Mr.Darren Hey at [email protected] for details.

• You’ll gain the opportunity to promote your skills with a banner that will appear on the WPN homepage. These banners will appear between status updates on this page. This is a great promotional tool: You’ll be reaching out to those most interested in permaculture topics on a highly trafficked website: is ranked in the top 600,000 websites worldwide by Alexa. It’s the perfect place to promote yourself and upcoming events.

• You’ll also be able to post a standalone advertorial piece in the main news feed four times a year with an agreed amount. This page is even more highly trafficked, ranked within the top 100,000 websites worldwide by Alexa. You’ll have a voice on one of the world’s most influential permaculture news sites.

• WPN system members that you’ve instructed, who graduate after the date of your accreditation, will receive a PRI PDC graduate badge on their profile, reflecting the high standard of your instruction.

Please note the following:

• Promotional and advertorial material should be provided by the instructor.

• All materials will be subject to approval, reserving our right to refuse publication of anything deemed to be offensive.

• Inline banners are subject to cost $250 please email staff for price for a place a banner to advertise courses, events, or products—all PRI instructors will have the same opportunities to do so, overall.

For questions or technical support:

• You can contact us at [email protected],

• Visit the contact form here.

Please complete the form below and pay the associated fee for 12 months of PRI Recognised Teaching.

Please ensure your address listed correctly, as this is where the certificates will be mailed to.


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