The Power of Duck


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by Takao Furuno

If you are like us, on a quest for knowledge about sustainable design systems…

Had Enough?

We’re talking about the rubbish popularised by chemical companies that rice production is chemical dependent – 10,000 Japanese rice growers have proved otherwise.

This book is written by a farmer for farmers – a complete guide to integrated duck and rice farming.

Takao Furuno, a Japanese rice farmer has been producing sustainable, profitable organic rice for the last ten years. Abundantly illustrated, tabled and photographed, this book serves as a text-book for case studies and farmer-evolved natural systems.

Farmers have increased their yield by 20 to 50 per cent or more in the first year. – Mae-Wan Ho, Open University, Milton Keyes, UK

By using human imagination and ingenuity, and by co-operating with nature rather than re-engineering it, Takao Furuno has cleared yet another path for a safe, diverse and sustainable agricultural future. So who needs transgenic crops? – from Soil and Health, February 2000, pp 36–37

Recommended by Bill Mollison:

A beautiful case history of sustainable agriculture – very finely worked out. — Bill Mollison

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