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Home Biogas: Renewable Energy from Food Waste

Ecological Civilisation - Part One (Free Course)

This presentation is about making renewable energy in your backyard from food scraps. Samuel Alexander of the Simplicity Institute provides an introduction to domestic-scale biogas production and offers an independent, four-year review of the Home Biogas system. This is Part I of the Ecological Civilisation series.

The introduction is available here
This series will be grappling with the problems of consumerism and the growth economy; envisioning alternative, post-carbon ways of life; and considering what action can be taken, both personally and politically, to help build an ecological civilisation. New presentations will be added to this playlist over time.
You can read Sam’s work here:

Samuel Alexander

Dr Samuel Alexander is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Melbourne, Australia, teaching a course called ‘Consumerism and the Growth Economy: Critical Interdisciplinary Perspectives’ as part of the Master of Environment.

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