The song of “Stuff”

Before making a purchase, do you consider what you are buying, do you know what the product is made of, how it is made, where it came from, how long it will last and where it will end up when you have decided you no longer want or need it?

Currently we are experiencing a global shipping crisis and the supply chains are unable to service the demand.  It is estimated that during the COVID-19 lockdown, people around the world have managed to save over US$5 trillion, with restrictions now easing people are looking for ways to spend it.

Will Conner, singer/songwriter and owner of, believes that instead of buying more, we should consider fixing, regifting, recycling and even composting if possible.  Let’s understand where our products come from and how they are made.  If we can all pause just a little before hitting that buy button to consider if we really need it, then we can collectively make a big impact.

Will says “The planet needs a rest and so do all of us. This includes not buying what I sell. I hope you enjoy the song “Stuff” ”

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