The Easiest Most Abundant Food To Grow – Gardening In A Cold Climate

In this video I share the easiest and most abundant foods to grow in your garden in a colder climate.

If you are gardening across the Northern states of the United States, Canada, Western Europe or similar climates then this information is very applicable to you. However, I also have grow many of these foods in Southern state of Florida and have seen abundant gardens in Southern California growing many of these foods. I share about 40 plants to grow and I focus on two main criteria – easy and abundant. These are foods that are great for beginner gardeners and are likely to produce a large amount of food. I also cover some information on preserving the bounty, which is an absolute key to success in climates where a shorter growing season exists. By applying this knowledge you can decrease your trips to the grocery store drastically and eat the healthiest and most delicious fresh food around! Make sure to share with your neighbours.

Get more tips for growing food in this guide.

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