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Hey Big Boy!  Fence That Dream!

At the young age of 44, Musemwa Big Boy is already on the path of becoming a Permaculture Super Hero!

His Permaculture Community Gardens, Seed Swapping Parties and Tree Planting Teams are pumping in Harere, Zimbabwe.

Tree Planting
Photograph Provided By Author. Big Boy and the Earth repair team at the Greendale tree planting event in Harare (November 2019). On that photo is Benson and Christopher…. That lady with her gardener were passerbys who chose their tree and planted.

Young people look up to him from the end of a Mattock.  Elders wrap their arms around his big shoulders like he is a prize fighter for the Community.  He is!

Cutting Trees No
Godfrey and Tawanda before we inserted posts at the Mount Darwin Land to become Zimbabwe Umuntu Permaculture Project (the Umuntu plot). Photograph Provided By Author

But today, Musemwa Big Boy is anxious.

He stays up late.  Looking at his old Phone to see if His BIG PERMACULTURE DREAM is about to come true!    The Fundraiser to “Fence Our Dream” is underway on Facebook and its “make-or-break time”.

He has a chance to access 7 Hectares on the Land of His birth!  His Beloved Mount Darwin District.

Big Boy has a big dream for this land.

Teaming up with his good Friend Ngonidzashe Marowa, Fabio Huther of and the Earth Repair Team, to turn this land into a thriving resource for the surrounding communities.  Trees and Homes will rise, Seeds and Food Forests will be fostered, Gardens, A Community Centre, a Meditation space, a Permaculture School for Children…the full colours of Nature and Community in what can only be described as “UMUNTU!” blossoms in Big Boys mind.

Photograph Provided By Author. the Earth Care team at the Umuntu Plot in Mount Darwin (the land we hope to fence).

His Team have been ordered to fence the land or risk losing it.  Land is Precious and many want to claim it, of course.

In this time of immense ecological uncertainty, big Permaculture Dreams need to take root and Musemwa Big Boy is our Man for the job in Zimbabwe!

Hey Big Boy, you go FENCE THAT DREAM!

Claim this Dream together with BiG BOY.!

If you can, please donate or share the “Fence our Dream!” fundraiser on FaceBook

Watch Big Boy and the Earth Care Team Grow on their Facebook Page 

The UMUNTU Movement is all about being and working “together, for a better world”  learn about Big Boy and UMUnTU on the web


About Big Boy

Growing Food
Photograph Provided By Author. Big Boys backyard garden in Eastlea Harare. Mustered Greens Pumping

I am Bigboy Musemwa, 44 years old and a member of the British Permaculture Association. I run the Repair Earth Project, where we grow trees for distribution to communities to raise awareness of the value of trees and reduce environmental desertification. I also run a permaculture demonstration garden in the Chihota District. I have a PDC from the Fambidzanai Permaculture Institute.

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Roma Banks

Hi I am Roma Banks. The one writing. I think I am a Visionary Art Activist and Enthusiastic Student of Permaculture. I am Global Flame Keeper 🔥 of the $1 Community Project. An Inclusive and Creative Online Grassroots Project working to bring Land and Tools to the Hands and Feet of Everyone who wants to Care. Don’t be a stranger! Join forces with me and other friends on this wild and uplifting adventure.

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