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Abdallah House

Permaculture Tours - Episode One

Happen Films have recently launched a new series titled Permaculture Tours.  In this series, happen films are taking a closer look at some amazing properties that have been designed using permaculture principles.

In this episode we take a tour of Richard and Kunie’s property, Abdallah House, in Seymour, Australia.

On this 1/7th of an acre property, the owners have made the most of the available space through thoughtful design of the garden, house, and marginal spaces.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you’d like to find out more visit Richard and Kunie’s website

Happen Films

Happen Films is the production duo of Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson, whose solutions-focused films showcase the inspiring responses taking place across New Zealand and Australia to the environmental, social, and economic issues that challenge the world today.


  1. Great to see what can be done with modest means in a suburban setting. I’m south of Melbourne and also feel inspired to learn much more about Permaculture. Congratulations to the family at Abdallah, wonderful integrity, and thank you Happen Films for making this sharing possible.

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