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Melbourne’s Transitions film festival is Screening ” A Living Earth”

The 8th annual Transitions Film Festival returns to Cinema Nova, Melbourne this February with another inspiring line-up of world-changing films.

Showcasing local and international documentaries aimed at empowering audiences to build a better world, the films in this year’s program cover a broad range of meaningful themes including: creative and technological innovation, the future of food, gender equality, online privacy, climate change, animal welfare, renewable energy, social justice and the revolutionary power of artificial intelligence.

Inspired by the revolutionary work of David Holmgren, A Living Earth is a beautifully shot documentary about the Belgian Desnié Farm School and the power of Permaculture to build a sustainable world.

What is “Permaculture”? Is it an organic vegetable garden? A band of hippies surrounded by sticks of incense? Seed eaters who talk to birds?

During a year in the heights of the Belgium town of Spa, A Living Earth follows experts, trainees and children who open our eyes to the fascinating world of a sustainable ecosystem.

The documentary could have easily been titled: “Permaculture for Dummies”.


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