The Benefits of a Natural Pool

Nothing is better than having a pool in the backyard, they’re great during the summer, make your backyard look better, and raise the value of your property. On the other hand, they require quite a bit of maintenance to care for. The pH levels have to be carefully monitored, expensive and dangerous chemicals needed to be added, and their filtration systems need to be regularly cleaned out. There is a much easier way to have a pool in your backyard that doesn’t require all of the maintenance or cost that a normal pool involves.

A natural pool is a beautiful extension of your backyard that regulates itself without the need for expensive systems or chemicals. A natural pool uses plants and a simple water pump to keep the water clear and bacteria-free. A natural pool consists of two pools, one pool is just like a traditional pool, it has a cement or plastic liner that can be as shallow or as deep as you would like. The other pool is much more shallow and is host to a bunch of water plants, like cattails or water lilies. A pump cycles the water from the large swimming pool to the plant-filled pool removing bacteria and any contaminants.

Houses beside a pond used for swimming

A natural pool costs about as much to install as a traditional pool but because you do not have to have to add chemicals yearly it will save you hundreds of dollars every year. The most you will have to do is skim leafs of off the surface. Where a normal pool requires you to not only regularly add chemicals, like chlorine, it also uses quite a bit of electricity to run. With a natural pool, you will start saving money from the day you install it.

Probably the best part about owning a natural pool is the look. It’s more than just a pool, it can be part of your home’s landscaping. They have clear blue waters and are surrounded by beautiful flora. The flora then attracts all sorts of insects and animals that help keep dangerous and annoying insects out of the pool, such as mosquitoes. A natural pool is a beautiful self-contained ecosystem, that is not only self-regulating but is beautiful and tranquil. If you’re lucky enough to live in a warmer climate you can swap out the plants for a simple gravel filtration system. A gravel filtration system gives you the ability to make your natural pool look just like a traditional pool

Rather than installing a traditional pool that takes a lot of work to maintain, and requires a lot of expensive, harmful chemicals, consider installing a natural pool on your property instead. It will give you all of the benefits of a traditional pool, but it requires much less work. A pool should be more than just a place to swim. It should be a beautiful place to relax and enjoy a warm summer day, and a natural pool is just that. And, probably most important is that it is better for the environment.


  1. Long been sold on the concept!

    Looking for reputable natural pool builder in the Sydney, Sydney south west region.

    Any recommendations?

  2. Hello, I am interested in a network of like minded people who actively participate in the Ecological Transition on the Planet, is there such Network ?
    How can I become a member through your community ?
    Chris Ruch

  3. I just asked Bionova USA (leading worldwide manufacturer of natural swimming pools) for some info and they said starting prices are 75 000 US$!!!
    Wow , a natural pool sounds amazing but wow

  4. I would love to convert our old pool into a natural one and we have discussed the design but the cost is to high using a company and would be better off doing it ourselves. What we need is someone to go over the layout and workings of the system to make sure it will work. Any ideas?

  5. It’s not quite as easy as the article makes out. My husband designed ours. I regularly remove or cut back plants out of the growing ponds and it is amazing. We have a small regular pool pump that we use to skim the main pool and back wash, etc. We also use a Dolphin vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom of the swimming pool. We have an aerator for the plant ponds and additional sponge filtration before the water flows into the plant ponds. I maintain it by regularly cleaning the pool filter baskets, and running the filter for 1/2 an hour most days. The small pump to raise the water into the top pool runs 24/7. All our pumps and the vacuum cleaner are energy wise and run off our solar voltaic whole house system. The sponge filter gets cleaned once about 4 times a year and we vacuum the lowest pond rocks carefully to keep the lilies and remove sunken debris. We used a custom made commercial fiberglass pool builder and a small scale builder to build the ponds, and another company to do the water proofing. The commercial designers and builders do charge exorbitant amounts. My husband spent about a year learning from the internet before we went ahead. We attracted a couple of crabs that we found in the main pool and put in the ponds and have skimmers, and dragonflies etc. My husband tests our water during the swimming season and has on occasion added bicarb and pool acid. ~ 3 X over 2 years. We also have a few gold fish in the system and I grow watercress to nibble on in the ponds. We live a drought stressed Mediterranean climate in South Africa with bore hole water. We have a pool cover that we use to reduce evaporation, etc.

  6. I really like how you talk about the benefits of having a natural pool. My wife and I are thinking of creating some sort of hybrid that is natural and constructed. Hopefully, we can find a good pool contractor that can help us to build a pool like this.

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