Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture

Sustainability in agriculture requires us to find methods of farming that will continue on in a regenerative cycle that is beneficial to the environment, and to people as well. Organic market gardeners Frank and Josje have more than 25 years experience in studying sustainable farming systems and are part of an organization called CSA – or Community Supported Agriculture. This system challenges the failing supermarket system for farmers and consumers alike and brings freedom to growers, and a peace of mind for consumers who are given access to fresh, organic, nutritional produce.

CSA works as a support system which directly focuses on issues that affect farmers, consumers, and the environment alike, such as waste, pollution, and nutrition. Each week, consumers receive a box of fresh produce. By selling directly to the consumer, farmers have the stability of their harvest, in whatever amount, shape or size, being purchased and consumed. For farmers who sell their produce to supermarkets this is not the case, as supermarkets demand that produce be of uniform size and shape, and free of blemishes. This means that a large portion of what a farmer will harvest from his/her crops will go to waste because the supermarket will not accept it.

When farmers are demanded to produce items that will meet particular and unattainable demands, they must use more chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc. in order to make their product match these demands so that they sell more of their harvested produce. This contributes to the issues of environmental pollution and other related issues. The CSA eases this pressure on farmers, allowing them to farm in a way that produces healthy food as well as gives back to the environment.

Frank and Josje have created a “heaven on earth”. A farm in which they have recognized and nurtured all forms of life and how they benefit one another. From microbes in the soil, to plant life, insects, and animals, Frank and Josje recognize the important roles that each life form plays in creating a sustainable organic farm, and work to create a balanced mixed system that results in delicious, fresh, organic produce, which they then sell directly to consumers with the support of the CSA. They have created a system which promotes biodiversity, natural resilience, and will, hopefully, “create a snowball effect that will change this world.”

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