Up-Cycling In The Garden

There are so many opportunities to re-use everyday products in a creative fashion around the house. One spot where you can get especially innovative is in your garden. It could get extremely costly purchasing the proper equipment and décor needed to make your garden encompass that rustic, modern, or playful look you’re going for. Before buying things like supports for your plants, fancy pots, a greenhouse, or even exquisite bird feeders, think about how you can get inventive and make your own! Here are some awesome ideas that can not only save you tons of money but practice sustainability efforts to positively affect the Earth.

Plant supports: While some plants in your garden can develop free-standing, other fruits and vegetables need something durable to grow upwards on. Plant supports are a great addition to your garden because they provide better airflow to the plant, save space, and can develop into a beautiful piece of your garden. Instead of buying and assembling these supports, think about using something you can find in your garage. Things like bed frames, window frames, pallets, hula hoops, ladders, and mattress springs provide the sturdiness necessary for the practicality, and the unique touch your garden needs.

Greenhouses: A greenhouse for your outdoor garden could run your $300-$3,000+. You can easily avoid the cost and still have the structure to tend to your more delicate plants and lengthen their growing season. One simple greenhouse projects involve old windows. The glass still needs to be in place for the full functional effect. You need 6 total windows, all the same size. You place them in the shape of a house (4 walls and 2 windows on top that come to a point). Attach them via hammer and nail, and voila!

A larger version of the artsy greenhouse can be made out of plastic soda bottles. This will take a little more construction knowledge and possibly months of collecting bottles, but in the end, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind greenhouse. You’ll need to be wood/hammer/nail savvy and build the foundation and shell of the greenhouse. The walls and roof, however, are made entirely of empty soda bottles, super glued, or strung through the outer shell. Here is the link to more detailed instructions Greenhouse made of soda bottles.

Fun planter ideas: Almost anything drawer-shaped or bowl-shaped can be used as a planter. Some items are more practical than others, but with some touch ups and the right placement, out of place items can bring your entire garden together. A kettle grill is one really different example of an up-cycled raised planter. Whether it’s rusted out, or a funky color green, by filling it with soil and planting small flowers, the grill can complement the originality of the space.

Plastic bottle cloches.

A bird cage planter is another funky idea to hang atop your garden. Just fill the bottom with the necessary foundation for the plant you wish to grow and let it overflow the sides.
A more common household item that can add that special touch to your garden is a pair of old shoes. You can hang a pair of skates from the tree branch or plop an old pair of rain boots next to your back door. Fill the shoes with soil and your plant of choice. This adds a very cute and person touch to your outdoor area.

The less waste the better, and if that waste can become a treasure, than you and the planet wins! Think about how you can use that broken hose, those PVC pipes, or that rusty colander elsewhere before throwing them out. There are endless possibilities when it comes to your outdoor garden space so get creative or search the web, but save money and energy while doing so.

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