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New Course!! Best Practices for Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Educators with Matt Powers

Do you have a message? A business or product?

Are you spreading permaculture and not seeing it spread fast enough?

The Regenerative Economy is the key to a future where permaculture is common sense, where Bill Mollison, Rowe Morrow, David Holmgren, Maddy Harland, Geoff Lawton, Masanobu Fukuoka, Ruth Stout, PA Yeomans, and many others are seen as founding fathers and mothers of a new era of growth, harmony, and rewilding of the earth and all biodiversity. To get there we must reverse the trends, and to do that we must reach more people faster. The PDC system and permaculture food forests and garden related enterprises are vital, but we must expand beyond their boundaries and start applying the principles and ethics to all levels of society, education, and business.

Many of you have already felt this call and are in the midst of starting or running your own small business. For some of us we are already overwhelmed with the demand on our time or products, but for most of us we are not reaching thousands of sales a month yet let alone a week or day. Realistically for permaculture to make the effect it needs, we need to be reaching millions of people with real, available and easily understandable solutions to current issues. From plumbing to electricity to architecture to landscaping, permaculture will specialize with the PDC, or a children’s permaculture curriculum, serving as an introduction to all regenerative business and education altogether.

What’s a Regenerative Business?

There are many regenerative roles we currently have being modeled but on the whole we have millions of empty niches waiting to be filled. Regenerative meaning constantly restoring and expanding in growth – exponential improvement. We can achieve regenerative living with the permacultural lens. Guayaki, a company that is restoring the rainforest with organic, biodynamic, fair-trade yerba mate, is an example of a regenerative business – they offset their carbon footprint, they support and enrich indigenous culture and peoples, they provide a pure product, and they support revegetation, biodiversity, and soil growth. What if you had a wool company that use holistically managed sheep that built soils and enhanced perennial polycultures? What if you created a compost pickup system for your town? What if you are a plant breeder that is creating the most eye-catching new varieties and want your practices to spread to other plants? The possibilities are endless when you consider we need local food, fiber, energy, fuel, medicine, services, and more.

The New Course

What if you are at capacity and doing numerous regenerative businesses already, and it’s still not enough? Not enough money coming in? Not enough people being reached?

Something has to change. You need to become more effective, more organized, louder, clearer, and more memorable. You need best practices in the modalities that you are reaching your audience: video, written word, audio, and context.

Distilling years of online marketing, public speaking and performance, teaching in public charter schools, teaching teachers, creating the first permaculture K-12 curriculum, and working one on one with leading researchers, experts, entrepreneurs, and educators from across the regenerative spectrum, I’ve generated a 7 week course designed for entrepreneurs and educators that are stuck – whether you are overloaded with demand or just starting out. These practices will align your life and business in a way that will make strengthen and support both.

Course Overview

Course Outline


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You will receive a 10% discount on the course.

About Matt Powers

Matt Powers is an author, teacher, gardener, permaculturist, seed saver, plant breeder, and family guy that helps families, teachers, school districts, students, and individuals all over the world with his curriculum which is currently in 4 languages – soon to be over 10 languages!
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  1. Would love some of the seeds you are offering. I did a similar thing with the US Govt as they would send you seeds and I had to give feedback. I shared the seeds with their permission. If I don’t get them, not a killer issue. I just love trying new things and I practice permaculture to a degree. Hang in there Matt

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