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Sustainable living includes the practice of reducing or lowering your dependency and use of natural resources by replacing it with different kinds of suitable alternatives. It can be ensured via two things:

1. You can either stop consuming products that do not promote sustainability or

2. You can change the way you conduct your daily activities and come up with measures that can promote sustainable living.

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There are several steps that can be taken to ensure sustainable living. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Members belonging to one community should focus on establishing community gardens. Greenery will promote a healthy environment and will also help in reducing carbon emissions.

2. Every individual should support the concept of minimalism meaning that whatever you have, you should try to use it to achieve the maximum out of it. Minimal lifestyle supports the idea and concept of recycling, which is the major component of sustainable living.

3. People should maintain their errands in a way that it reduces their consumption of natural resources. As the population is increasing day by day, the dependency on natural resources is also increasing. In order to avoid the depletion and scarcity of natural resources, we should gradually move towards the use of alternative energy sources and other forms of alternate elements that are a replacement of natural resources.

4. Natural cleaners should be used more often as compared to other cleaners available in the market. Natural cleaners include water, vinegar etc.

5. In order to promote sustainable living, people should use bicycles more as compared to cars. Or they can carpool to work or universities. It will reduce the amount of pollution caused by cars per day and will also improve your health especially if you are using the bicycle more as compared to car.

6. Sleep and wake up early as this will allow you to complete your tasks in daylight which will ultimately reduce the amount of electricity you consume in one day.

7. Every individual should be aware of the 3R’s that are very important for sustainable living. The 3R’s include reduce, reuse and recycle. Meaning that every individual should reduce the number of natural resources they consume in one day, they should aim at reusing the resources again in the best way possible or they should recycle it and use it again for their benefit.

8. Many people often forget to unplug devices and therefore, while you are away a lot of electricity is being wasted. People should make it a point that whenever they leave their household or their rooms they should unplug all the devices and should turn off all the lights.

9. Small houses should be promoted as compared to big houses. Small houses are easy to manage and consume less energy as compared to big houses.

10. People should shift from nonrenewable energy resources to renewable energy resources. Renewable energy resources include wind energy, solar energy etc. Solar energy can be used a replacement of hydroelectric energy.

The list of measures that are to be taken in order to ensure sustainable living goes on and on. However, permaculture is an organization that is working for sustainable living. It focuses on three aspects:

1. Care of the Earth

2. Care of People

3. Return of Surplus

It looks at the environment in a form of a design and then comes up with suitable solutions for different kinds of problems that are harming the environment and are causing climate change. It promotes the idea of working with nature rather than working against it. Permaculture is a concept that is ensuring sustainable living in the best way possible. It fits within the definition of what sustainable is and through its measures it will take, what people think sustainable living is, to a whole new level.

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