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There’s A Bumble Bee In MY Eco-Garden

There’s a Bumblebee in my eco-garden, She just chased me down the path.
I must have got too close to her nest, Cause now she wants to bite me in the arse!

Its a funny thing this eco-garden, All manner of creatures seem to make it home.
They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s soo true,
Cause these creatures add a flavour to the garden that’s all their own

There’s honey bees slurping from the borage flowers and chooks scratching among the nasturtiums searching for worms.
There’s butterfly’s flitting through the echium plants,
and doves eagerly eyeing up the muffin in my hand, wondering if they’ll get their turn.

There’s skinks sunning themselves on the strawberry leaves, then ducking for cover when the Thrush lands near.
There’s wasps investigating the grape vine, and a big fat hedgehog fast asleep under the feijoa hedge like a hibernating bear.

There’s aphids feasting on my roses…and ladybirds feasting on those.
There’s a fat cat dozing (stoned!) in the catnip bush, while a mouse runs around nearby on his sneaky tippy toes.

As I amble up the path I’m dive bombed by the Tuis, reminding me nesting time must be near.
The guava tree I savagely pruned is thankfully regaining some height …I wonder if I’ll see my usual native Kereru back for his share of fruit this year?

Its a funny old thing this gardening lark. It all takes time. And hard work? Yea sometimes it is.
But on day like this I wouldn’t have it any other way cause its where all creatures great & small get to call home, And for me…its simply BLISS.

Bumble-bee sitting on wild flower

There’s still this bumble bee in my garden, and she’s a persistent little Miss.
I must have upset her something bad, cause now she’s aiming at my breasts!

I usually enjoy watching bumble bees, they just seem to set my heart alight,
But now I’m thinking if she doesn’t give up soon, its ME who will be taking flight.

It’s a wonderful place in my we eco-garden, with the joys of spring in the air
As I watch the wildlife going about their daily business without so much as a care.

My first ever crop of peaches are forming, I’ve got cherries ripening as Christmas draws near,
The apples and nectarines are swelling, I cant wait to scoff them down, as many and as often as my belly will bear.

There’s strawberries and blackberries with their colours starting to deepen
There’s bananas and pawpaws with fruit just forming so a later harvest from those I’ll be hopefully reaping.

While the loquat decides if it wants to live, the quince and the feijoas are doing just grand
And the citus haul looks massive this year so come marmalade making I’ll be yelling out for a hand!

I could go on for hours painting you mental images of the magic that happens in my little eco-garden here,
But alas this Bumblebee just upped her game
So Merry Christmas fellow permie folks!
I’m flying outa here!!!

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  1. In comparison with other pollinating insects like honeybees, bumblebees are very effective pollinators. bumble bees make a huge impact on the agricultural industry because they aren’t as attracted to “pretty” flowers like other bees. As a result, they pollinate and cross-pollinate plants and flowers that other bees and insects might overlook. Since these bees are less aggressive than other bees, they are also no threat to the average gardener.

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