What Is A Rain Gauge: Uses, Benefits, and How It Works

Last night you heard the weather reporter say “Rainfall measurements of 100 mm/ 3 inches were recorded in [your area] between 6am to 8pm.” Then you’re telling yourself that can’t be true. Yesterday it didn’t rain at all. You’re sure because you were waiting for the rain all day long.

What is the truth then? The local weather service uses sophisticated tools and a team of professionals monitoring the rainfall amount and other conditions. However, they don’t cover every acre of land. Their measurements are based on averages of a few chosen locations. In addition, rainfall is not distributed evenly.

The information they have may not be much useful to you, especially when you’re into farming. You need exact rainfall data in your specific area if you want to be successful. You need useful information that will help you better forecast your yield and harvest time. That’s why a rain gauge is an invaluable tool for you to have.

What is a rain gauge

A rain gauge is an instrument you can use to measure the amount of rainfall your area receives in a given time period. With this, you won’t have to rely on local weather reports. You will have your own data you can use for the good of your plants.

A rain gauge is a simple instrument anyone can install and use. Basically it looks like a transparent cylinder with markings. You can read the amount of rainfall in inches or millimetres. Yes, it’s only a simple instrument but it gives powerful information that you can use to make better decisions.

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With exact data and useful knowledge, you become better equipped to make intelligent decisions about your land and crops. You’ll know when to plant. You can also project the yield and harvest time. You can also evaluate if a particular area is ideal for planting a certain type of plant.

Why you should have a rain gauge now

A rain gauge is your ally to making more intelligent decisions about your land and crops. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. The information you can get from it is more reliable than any sources out there.

Knowledge is power. But any kind of knowledge (especially from second-hand sources) may not be that powerful to you. What’s best is to have your own measurements that are more accurate and reliable. With reliable and accurate measurements, you will also make reliable and accurate decisions.

Take for instance the below video by Jack Spirko

In this, Jack shows how valuable knowledge is, he not only can tell you how much rain has fallen, but by doing the maths, how much rain he has in his swale system and is soaking into his property. It really is a valuable addition to any Permaculturalist.

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  1. Thank you for this insightful article! It emphasizes the importance of having accurate and specific data, especially for those involved in farming and agriculture. A rain gauge is indeed a valuable tool for making informed decisions about crops and land management. Your article reminds us that knowledge truly is power, and having our own measurements can lead to more reliable and accurate decisions.

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