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Close Proximity Duck System

Nicholas Burtner visits Jack Spirko, owner of The Survival Podcast, at his Nine Mile Farm where just a few years ago was a rocky barren dried up landscape. Jack integrated a paddock shifting system and in just a short amount of time – everything has greened up. It is simple and anyone can do it.

This video is a really good example of how a little bit of planning can go a long way in setting up a successful system. Jack discus’s a few of the challenges he had, namely the ducks muddying up their water at night, and how that was resolved.

Both Jack and Nicholas have some very helpful and practical advise so we do encourage those into hands on systems to drop by and check them out.

Just as an example, Jack is in series two of his Duck Chronicles.

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Nicholas Burtner

Nicholas is a permaculture practitioner, advocate, consultant, teacher and speaker. After a greater calling in 2011, permaculture found Nicholas and since has filled him with an endless passion that has led him to many travels, learning, spreading, and practicing permaculture and natural living ever since. Apart from consulting and designing properties across a large arena of different climates and bio-regions, Nicholas has attended internships at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia under the leadership of Geoff and Nadia Lawton. He also obtained a permaculture design certification from Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison. Nicholas has also attended the Earthship Academy for natural and recycled building construction in Toas, NM under the guidance of Michael Reynolds. After very worthwhile learning, and on the ground experiences, Nicholas opened Working With Nature Permaculture Learning, Research, and Healing Center in late 2012 which is now School of Permaculture. The school has both an urban and a rural demonstration / educational site which offer hands on experience as well as class room learning. School of Permaculture’s website offers permaculture related tips, videos, and articles on a mostly daily basis.

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