Sometimes ‘Wait and See,’ is a really good solution

You know those persistent, resistant problems in your life, I recommend applying ‘The problem is the Solution’, a Bill Mollision Design strategy, and see what you come up with.

The children are boisterous? Challenge them to a race. Cant stop 3am worry worry worrying? Scheudle it in for 3pm, and watch the desire to ruminate disappear. The old lady on the train prattles on complaining about her children. Ask a meaningful question. ‘Do you love your children?’ and watch her transform into somebody interesting.

A possum once solved my possum problem.

Let me tell you about it.

The picture I drew below is real, I had a food forest in my balcony. Rasberries, figs, about 20 edibles. Then the possums discovered it.

Cecilia chair

I thoght about nets. Too ugly.

I bought some ‘Poss Off’ spray.

It was annoying for me too.

But then I went to Japan and forgot about it.

When I came home, I found this little lady possum had moved in. There was a cunning little nest, tucked in behind my pond.

Each day I would eat breakfast, study Japanese, about 60 centimetres away from my possum, who would be rustling and settling down for a nice day’s sleeping.

Not a thing was eaten.


Two reasons. Possums don’t eat where they sleep. Who knew that?

And possums are territorial. She chased away any other ransacking possum.

Plus, I often had a cat on my lap, this side of the pond.

I couldn’t have designed it better myself. Every evening she would clamber out from behind the pond, along the telephone wire, and out to the delicious world.

Sometimes ‘Wait and See,’ is a really good solution.

For more ideas on how to set up an ‘ecosytem’ to get your problems solved, I’m presenting ‘This Will Do – Humble Design To Make Good Things Happen’, 2pm, Tuesday 7th June at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney as part of the Vivid Festival.

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