What Happens When you Receive 75 Chicks When You Aren’t Ready

Our 75 Cornish Cross meat Chickens arrived a day early, and I’m caught off guard. So, I quickly round up the chiddlers and head to the post office (to pick up the chicks) then it’s time to set up their brooder. (RESOURCES BELOW):

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My article on Getting ready for chicks:

The Brooder Supplies I use:

Heat Lamp Casing/Clamp –
Heat Lamp –
Pine Shavings for the bedding –
1/2″ hardware cloth for the “dirt trap” –
Rubber Feed Pan for catching the debris –
Plastic Flip Top Poultry Feeder –
One Gallon Poultry Waterer –

Hibiscus tea recipe:

8 to 10 cups of water
hibiscus leave

⁃boil water
⁃throw hibiscus leaves on top (about 2 – 3 handfuls)
⁃let step for 4 min
⁃strain out leaves
⁃add lemon
⁃add 1.5c honey (1/2 cup to every 1/2 gallon you make)
⁃add water and ice

***this recipe is for 1.5 gallons, you can make less or more depending on your needs***

1.5 Gallon Glass Jar:
Stainless Steel Spout:

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