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Green Tree Foundation (GTF), is a wonderul NPO (not for profit organisation), with a clear vision to establish a Green Tree filled society by means of massive revegetation by involving the farming community, schools, individuals and institutions working towards similar goals. Feeding the people and giving them a sustainable means of income.

They aim to achieve this through horticulture under irrigation, agroforestry, back yard horticulture, water harvesting and kitchen gardens.

They desperately need your financial contribution (however small) to continue with their life saving mission. They need to raise $25,000 to plant 25,000 trees and make an everlasting positive change and bring hope to the people once again…. All donations will be met with the deepest gratitude.

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GTF is located in Talupula, in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Their district of Anantapur has been a sad victim of famine for many decades. Recent drought and famine conditions has led to the suicides of too many farmers due to their dependence on agriculture. Global warming is putting increasing pressure on the arid lands and its people.

I volunteered with GTF for a month in 2009, and i wish to continue serving and helping them achieve their life giving mission. I was touched deeply by their enduring and hard working compassionate and honest approach to help their people.

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They have already planted 1000’s of trees and made a huge impact by helping families in need, however i am reaching out to you to help GTF as they desperately need ongoing support to reach more people and have a long lasting positive impact.

All money donated will go directly towards:

* Propagating (growing & grafting).
* Managing the nursery & seed bank with local staff.
* Transportation of saplings to planting sites.
* Educating the community (inc Permaculture).
* Implementing Water Harvesting techniques.
* End result is to plant 25,000 trees in the district.

Your donation will be the part of a sacred and auspicious cause in creating positive ecological balance.

Any money donated will be kindly accepted with immense gratitude and well wishes.

Please know, that you are ever so welcome to visit and contribute time to GFT. They will welcome you with the upmost regards and hospitality.

Thank you so very very much :)

To Donate or for more information please visit:

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GTF’s Facbook page:

GFT’s website:

Further reading:

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