Introducing The World Permaculture Association

Here we go! We introduce the entire global Permaculture Movement to our new organization – the World Permaculture Association ( – a Europe-based nonprofit whose MISSION is to mobilize and inspire people to achieve food security by improving human management of natural living systems through the use and application of permaculture principles.

Our aim is to have a major impact on the world through the implementation of the following multifaceted strategy as detailed in our website (

1. Create added value for the global permaculture community;
2. Help facilitate the path to a sustainable & regenerative future;
3. Provide a means to develop organizational skills & institutional capacity;
4. Foster creativity and innovation;
5. Embody and encourage inspirational leadership with vision and integrity;
6. Utilize nimble management allowing for the enactment of well-considered action.;
7. Achieve success through capacity building & developing the talent of its mem-bers;
8. Obtain clear & demonstrable, long-lasting results.

Our members are people with solid backgrounds in our respective fields of expertise; we are agronomists, engineers, geologists, architects, permaculturists, botanists, biologists, economists, psychologists and more.

WPA has a particular concern with training people in ecosystem restoration while also integrating a number of other related activities: interdisciplinary cooperation in the field, implementation of permaculture demonstration sites, further development of the establishment of eco-villages & refining the process of design.

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WPA’s first international training activity is scheduled to be held from May 25th to June 5th in Tuscany (Italy) where we will conduct a Permaculture Design Certification Course with Rhamis Kent. You are all warmly invited!

For more information visit, or write to [email protected]

World Permaculture Association General Manager
Dr. Agronomist Giuseppe Tallarico
[email protected]

Giuseppe Tallarico

He is a versatile and results-oriented Agronomist specializing in Permaculture, Food Security and Environmental Management Systems. He is the founder and General Manager of the World Permaculture Association. He is a PRI of Australia accredited teacher. He is the Head of the Urban Permaculture Laboratory Educational Center. He manages the Regenerative Agriculture consulting company, Rigenera. He is the co-creator of Permamindfulness®. He is the Director assistant and the Quality Manager of Flora. Additionally he holds an MSc Degree with First Class Honors in Agriculture Sciences. He is dedicated to consulting large scale farms so they can convert to a more sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture to achieve a greener earth for all.

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