Tiny Homes – The Future of Sustainable Living

With creativity and a passion for building, Robert Johnson has built a lovely example of how individual and welcoming a tiny home can be. With his one-of-a-kind tiny home concept, Robert has built a spacious home that only takes up 280 square feet. With inventive thinking he created effective ladders that add to the ambience of the tiny home and allow for himself or green matuests to easily access the loft areas.

The first Video in a series, going through the process of planning and building.
Tiny homes present another opportunity for all who are invested in permaculture as a way of life. By building a tiny or small home with reusable or recyclable materials, it is a more sustainable option for anyone searching for a new home. Robert used green materials in his tiny home. It’s plain to see that his tiny home is made with wood, but the preservation method is special. It involves no toxins or harmful substances that are often used to treat and seal wood used to build homes.

Instead, the wood is charred and oiled. The method for doing this is Japanese and involves charring the wood enough for a layer of char to develop and deter any insects that would have loved the wood to pieces otherwise. The resulting wood is called Shou sugi ban and is becoming very popular as it can last up to 100 years if well maintained with oil. Depending on the method of charring, fossil fuels may be used, but this is not necessary as there are other methods for charring the wood that are possible.

Tiny homes and small homes are becoming more and more prevalent and well known. They present a wonderful opportunity to unplug from negative aspects of society like burdening oneself with the time and fiscal drain that an overly large home can have, and they offer the opportunity of mobility, if that is what one desires. Small and tiny homes offer a brighter future through a different way of life, so why not take a crack at designing your own tiny home?

There is a great advantage that comes with mobile tiny homes for those who wish to travel extensively in a country. As much as traveling and exploring is wonderful, this loveliness of traveling could be transcended with the comforts of home being brought with while traveling. With inventive builders like Robert Johnson innovating ways to use space, the “tiny” aspect of the home won’t even be felt. With only 280 square feet, Robert Johnson has made a masterpiece of a home that is both beautiful and unique in its interior and exterior.

A tour of the completed Tiny Home
For more about Robert, please visit his site

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