Land for Sale – $20 Per Acre – To Good to be True?

Life on mars may not be science fiction any longer, gone are the days of aliens and UFO’s. Today people are investigating the possibility of human life on Mars. The question everyone is asking is, will Mars be able to sustain a human population? President Obama seems to think it may be a possibility with his new law that encourages space exploration and capitalism. Private companies are more interested in Mars than ever before, with some even selling real estate on the planet of our future.

Private companies are now offering deals; in which any human can buy land on Mars for a nominal fee, of course.

Here is a great Video from Vsauce that explains ownership of space property.

Even though you cannot really buy land on Mars, it is a useful concept that will hopefully come to fruition someday soon.

The law instated by President Obama encourages private companies to involve themselves with space. His law claims that all resources in outer space are the property of the entity that obtained it. However, this new law is highly controversial and not accepted by international parties due to the Moon Treaty of 1979 which states that space’s resources belong to all of mankind. Since the US is not a member of the treaty it does not have to abide by its laws. As such, we can follow the new law that Obama instated which claims all resources in outer space are the property of the entity that obtained it. Despite the fact that many people have different opinions on who can own what land in space; ultimately if you own land and can enforce it then that is what matters.

Now that space exploration is encouraged and companies are even selling real estate; we must consider the question can Mars actually support a human population? is best answered with food and water which are essential to all mankind for survival. The soil on Mars, Martian Soil, is actually very similar to our soil on Earth. The two soils are in fact so similar that Martian Soil near its North Pole was equated with the soil in our backyard gardens here on Earth and would be suitable for food to grow in. In addition, even Martian Soil that is not near the Mar’s North Pole is compared to Hawaiian volcanic ash which has been used to grow food with. Now on to the water component of Mars, the planet has been found to have vast amounts of frozen water and carbon dioxide on its surface. This combined with the ability to grow food makes Mars a perfectly habitable planet and one that we can hope to see people on very soon!

Life on mars would enable the Earth to be even more sustainable and everyone would have more resources available to them. Currently, our population is sky rocketing and Earth cannot support everyone in the way it should because our natural resources are depleting. Conserving resources would only improve qualities of life; and if people were able to live on Mars, everyone would have more resources at their disposal.

Hopefully, this will soon become a reality, but for now, you may get a better return on a $20 investment into a space exploration company.

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